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Rizal's Earliest

Literary Work as a Student

Prepared By:
Sheila Rose O. Estampador
Poems Written in Ateneo
uIt was Dona Teodora who first discovered the
poetical genius of her son.
uIt was also she who first encouraged him to
write poems.
uFather Sanchez - inspired Rizal to make full
use of his God-given gift in poetry and
improved the latter's poetical art by opening
his mind to the enriching influence of the
world's literature.
Mi Primera Inspiracion (My First Inspiration) -
first poem that Rizal wrote during his days in the
nWhich was dedicated to his mother on her
nHe wrote it before he was 14 years old, in the
year 1874.
nBefore this year he did not write poetry
because there was a gloom in his heart owing
to his mother's imprisonment.
nUpon the release of his mother in 1874, his
poetic heart began to sing with ecstasy and
In 1875, inspired by Father Sanchez, he wrote
more poems, as such:
1. Felicitacion (Felicitation)
2. El Embarque: Himno a la Flota de Magallanes.
(The Departure: Hymn to Magellan's Fleet)
3. Y Es Espanol: Elcano, el Primero en dar la
Vuelta al Mundo (And He is Spanish: Elcano,
the First to Circumnavigate the World).
4. El Combate: Urbiztondo, Terror de Jolo (The
Battle: Urbiztondo, Terror of Jolo).
In 1876, Rizal wrote poems on various topics -
religion, education, childhood memories, and
war. They were as follows.

1. Un Recuerdo a Mi Pueblo (In Memory of My


2. Alianza Intima Entre la Religion y la Buena

Educacion (Intimate Alliance Between Religion
and Good Education).

3. Por la Educacion Recibe Lustre la Patria

4. El Cautiverio y el Triunfo: Batalla de Lucena y
Prision de Boabdil (The Captivity and the
Triumph: Battle of Lucena and the Imprisonment
of Boabdil).This martial poem describes the
defeat and capture of Boabdil, last Moorish
sultan of Granada.
5. La Entrada Triunfal de los Reyes Catolices en
Granada (The Triumphal Entry of the Catholic
Monarchs into Granada).This poem relates the
victorious entry of King Ferdinand and Queen
Isabel into Granada, last Moorish stronghold in
A year later, in 1877, he wrote more poems. It
was his last year in the Ateneo. Among the
poems written that year were:
1. El Heroism de Colon (The Heroism of
This poem praises Columbus, the discoverer of

2. Colon y Juan II (Columbus and John II).

This poem relates how King John II of Portugal
missed fame and riches by his failure to finance
the projected expedition of Columbus to the
4. Gran Consuelo en la Mayor Desdicha (Great
Solace in Great Misfortune).
This is a legend in verse of the tragic life of

5. Un Dialogo Alusivu a la Despedida de los

Colegiaeles (A Farewell Dialogue of the
This was the last poem written by Rizal in
Ateneo; it is a poignant poem of farewell to his
"My First Inspiration"

uIt was most fitting that the first poem written

by Rizal as an Atenean should be about his
beloved mother.

uIn his poem, he felicitates his mother on her

birthday, expressing his filial affection in
sonorous verses.

• Nature was beautifu.

• It's truly a good time to celebrate.
• He was already inspired to write again.
• The environment was rich during Rizal's time.
• A return of a love one is very important.
• Rizal missed his family especially his mother.
• Inspiration comes from very significant things,
especially people in your lives.
Integration to Our Lives
• We need to learn how to value God's
wonderful creation.
• We need to learn how to appreciate things
around us.
• We should honor our parents.
• We should value our family.
• Let your parents be a role model or inspiration
in your life.
• We should learn how to be more thankful for
the things He have done in our lives and
honor Him by doing good.

Rizal's Poems on Education

¡He had a very high regard for education.
¡He believed in the significant role which
education plays in the progress and welfare of
a nation.
¡Rizal wrote this poem in the year 1876 at the
age fifteen.
¡It was written in Ateneo de Municipal in
¡This poem was written during the Spanish

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