By: NAWAZ AHMAD II Year Elec. & Comm. Engg.

iMoD Display«.A Brief Intro
Mimetics -The study of nature s processes and structures to build more effective and nature-inspired solutions, the latest development being the Interferometric MOdulator Display. y Next-gen mobile information display that mimics the iridescent wings of butterflies y iMoD is High speed, electrostatically actuated, device built on a transparent (e.g. glass) substrate, composed of miniature FabryPerot interferometers (etalons)

Principle of Working«.
An etalon consists of two mirrors, one opaque and one half-silvered, with an air gap of an exact distance between them. This distance determines the wavelength that the etalon amplifies by constructive interference. Coloured Unit Cell

Principle of Working«.(contd.)
The etalon is switched off by bringing the mirrors very close together, pushing the reflected wavelength into the invisible ultraviolet range

Collapsed Unit Cell

Simple Electromechanical Model
Competition between electrostatic force and elastic restoring force

Full Color Pixel
The hue and brightness of a pixel depends upon the number and colour of activated cells


Advantages Of iMoD
‡ Ultra-low power consumption ± extended battery life ‡ Superior viewability ± in all lighting conditions, even bright sunlight ‡ Response speed-Fast response time for viewing fastmoving videos ‡ Enhanced readability ± reduced eye fatigue, like reading printed paper ‡ Robust functionality ± virtually unaffected by environment and extreme temperatures ‡ Mechanical durability ± long operational life ‡ Technical flexibility ± wide design and implementation options

Ordinary Display

iMoD Display

Traditional displays are virtually unreadable in outdoor light. Quallcomm¶s iMoD displays offer superior viewability,regardless of location or level of light.

Potential Applications :
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Gaming devices MP3 players Laptop and desktop monitors Digital TV and DVD player screens Medical Imaging Automotive navigation Outdoor TVs Outdoor signage Digital camera and camcorder screens

Competing Technologies .

y Nokia, makes 350 million handsets a year y Little or no retooling to manufacture y Being inexpensive and having lesser need of energy,

it s a modern geek s true friend.



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