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Presentation on

Private satellite channel Industry in Bangladesh

Group Profile
MD. Jiaul Hoque…….. ID#0831010
Mohidul Islam………..ID#0620361
Momotajun Noor ……..ID#0920585
Md. Mizanur Rahman …ID#0820103
Shagatom Kumar Kundu …ID#0820121
Md. Asifur Rahman ……..ID#0830031
Mahmudul Hasan Bhuiyan ……ID#0830171
 The television industry is comprised of establishments
primarily concerned with the television as an electronic
and technological device, and with the transmitting and
receiving of signals through the use of a television set.
Televisions are devices used for telecommunication, and
the images they project have been black and white,
monochromatic, or multicolored throughout history.
Overview of Private satellite
channel Industry
 Media have played crucial roles in Bangladesh,
including by in revealing development concerns to
guide policymakers.

In this time there are 18/19 private television channels

in Bangladesh.

“BDESH TV” is only one on-line TV, which are

operating from USA.
Seven Questions
Industry’s dominant economic traits
Nature of competition & strength of competitive forces

Drivers of industry change

Competitive position of rivals

Strategic moves of rivals

Key success factors

Industry attractive or unattractive

Industry’s dominant economic
 Market Size and growth rate
 Scope of Competitive Rivalry
 Prevalence of backward integration.

 No. of competitors and their relative sizes

 Entry/Exit Barriers
Industry’s dominant economic traits
Nature and pace of technological change

Product and customer characteristics

Capacity utilization and resource requirements

Market Size and growth rate

 There are 20 plus STV

 Market size of the industry is
Tk.400 core(Approx.).
 Growth Rate of 15% -20%
each annum.
No of competitors and their relative sizes
Fig: Reach particularly among households
Monthly household income Ntv (%) Atn-bangla (%) Channel I (%)

Up-to 3000 1.2 1.6 1.4

3001-7000 8.8 7.5 8.0

7001-15000 27 25.2 26.4

Over 15000 44 41.4 44.3

Entry/Exit Barriers
Entry Barriers(High) Exit Barriers(High)
 Inability to gain access to  Huge capital investment.
specialized technology.  Large amount of employees
 Large capital requirements are employed.
and/or other specialized
resource requirements.
 Government regulation, need
Nature of competition & strength of competitive forces
Private satellite channel Industry in
Bangladesh at a glance
RIVALRY Low concentration ratio
Number of firms in the industry is large
Market is competitive
No firm has the significant market share
Low possibility of moving towards
BARRIERS TO ENTRY Entry and exit is very hard

THREATS OF SUBSTITUTE Newspaper is substitute product

Threat is low



Drivers of industry change
Some common types of driving forces are as follows:
1. Internet and e-commerce opportunities.
2. Technological changes.
3. Marketing innovation.
4.Product innovation
5. Changes in long term industry growth rate
6. Government legislation.
7.Changes in cost and efficiency.
8.Changes in societal concerns.
Drivers of industry change
1. Internet and e-commerce opportunities.
 E-commerce opportunities expand the markets by
exchange goods and services more efficiently and
effectively over the internet.
2. Technological changes.
 It can also affect on capital requirements, plant size,
distribution channel.
Drivers of industry change
3. Marketing innovation.
 The most significant marketing innovation is advertising.
4. Government legislation.
 Every industry should follow the Govt. legislation. The
private TV channel also follow some rules and regulation
which are made our Govt.
Competitive position of rivals
1.Vast Customer reach 1. Highly Fragmented

2.Growing Middle Class 2.Lack of Efforts for

Media Penetration
3.Change in Lifestyle 3.Increase in Operating
5.High Viewership Ratings
6.High subscription

Channel i Channel i

Bangla ision
Ekushey Banglavision,
Television Ekushey Television,

Desh TV

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Strategic moves of rivals

A industry cannot expect to get the better of its without

monitoring their actions, understanding their strategies.
A private TV channel in Bangladesh strategic moves are
affected by.
Current strategies of competitors.
Strategic moves of rivals
 Private TV channel product.
 Innovative idea through their planning.
 Current strategies of competitors in the market.
 Foreign countries TV channel competitor.
 Future actions of competitors.
 Messages through product marketing.
Strategic moves of rivals
The strategic point of profiling key rivals involves
gathering competitive intelligence about their.
Current strategies
 Current strategies of private TV channel with
competitive intelligence.
 Competitive intelligence can help a company
Size up competitors resource, strengths, Weakness and
 Know other companies weakness and strength.
 Strategic planning is the management task.
Key success factors are the rules that shape
whether a company will be financially and
competitively successful.
Key success factors
Key factors for success are the major factors to analyze
the industry.

 Specific Strategy Elements

 Product Attributes
 Resources
 Competitive Capabilities
Industry attractive or unattractive

Satellite TV channel users is increasing day by day.

The big companies are earning adequate profit.

 Moreover the competitive forces may become

stronger over the next few years.

Strong companies are trying to uphold their position.

Industry attractive or
Some of the companies have potential to capitalize on the
vulnerabilities of weaker rivals.
Most of the companies are able to defend against or
counteract the factors .
The degree of risk and uncertainty is low.
This Industry analysis unveils
the enigmatic geo-political
strategy of the Bangladeshi
nationalists regarding the issue of
the penetration of Bollywood
culture through STV.
Finally, the information and
communication technology (ICT)
they industry will be supported to
develop its human resource
capacity and marketing strength to
compete locally and globally.
 The industry’s overall profit prospects are above average,
we can say that this industry is attractive.
Therefore new competitors may enter but they have to be
alert all the time in order to stay in business.
We also hope that all the technological advancements will
help this industry to flourish and also ensure the
profitability of all the companies.
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