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Melody A. Alterado

Nutriasia is the Philippine's foremost producer, marketer and distributor of
quality sauces and condiments.
As the leading player in the local sauces and condiments market, NutriAsia
are known for producing iconic Filipino brands that continue to be part of
every Filipino home.

Who doesn't know about UFC, Papa, Jufran, & Mafran - our ubiquitous
condiments among banana catsup lovers? Assimilated and adopted into
Filipino culture, our banana catsup brands have delighted generations of
Filipinos. They are being used as condiments on just about any dish - fried,
roasted and grilled poultry and meats. What's more, they are even used as a
vital and distinct ingredient in our sweet-and-spicy Pinoy spaghetti.

Mang Tomas is certainly another product that creates a true Filipino special
delicacy. Many fiestas and gatherings have become special with all-time
favorite dishes like delicious lechonpaksiw and crispy lechonkawali that are
accompanied by the sweet and distinct flavor of Mang Tomas all-around
sarsa. Truly, this dipping sauce is already part and parcel of the Filipino home.

Likewise, as a big player in the liquid condiments category, DatuPuti
brand guarantees only the best quality. Extremely delicious and
delectable Sinigang and Adobo dishes were made with the
"Mukhasim" sourness of DatuPuti Vinegar and the aromatic taste of
DatuPuti Soy Sauce.

Certainly, NuTriAsia are not just about producing the best sauces and
catsup that have put Pinoy cuisine on top of the charts. In line with
their mission to enable great meals that would make people happy,
NutriAsia are also about building a future for their employees,
business partners, and customers - based on innovation, creativity,
care, honesty, transparency and most of all, hard work and

In NutriAsia, they take great pride in building true Filipino brands that
enrich every meal experience.

Company Logo
NutriAsia is the country’s foremost producer and distributor of
quality sauces and condiments. The company needed to establish
corporate brand recognition on top of their well-known products such as
Mang Tomas All-Around Sarsa, DatuPuti Soy Sauce and Vinegar, and UFC
Banana Catsup. An initial brand restyling and clean-up of the icon and
typography was done. From there, an extensive brand manual was created
to streamline the brand’s visual identity. The manual had to be precise with
the standardisation of brand packaging, marketing collaterals, corporate
use, and its application on the sub-brands. Furthermore, the project aimed
to expand NutriAsia’s brand elements, providing patterns, proper colour
usage, and photography.

. the new-born company was truly a national business. Ang Tin Yu and Kedin Go. With the addition of seven more factories and three well- known brands (DatuPuti vinegar. and was named Southeast Asia Food. with the forging of an accord between Enriton and Acres & Acres. hot sauce and fish sauce. the brainchild of Filipino entrepreneurs Joselito Campos Jr. though it quickly acquired the rights to three popular brands of catsup and lechon sauce—Jufran.Nelicom and one factory. as we know it today. SAFI also acquired Amihan. Mafran and Andok’s. HISTORY AND MILESTONES NutriAsia traces its beginnings to Enriton Natural Foods. It was a modest business that had limited presence in North Luzon. or SAFI. Thefirst major milestone happened in 1991. In 1994. producing banana ketchup. The business thrived on one regional brand . sales growth began accelerating with the birth of First Sheridan – a distribution affiliate of SAFI. Papa banana catsup. another regional brand known for vinegar and other sauces.. and Mang Tomas lechon sauce).

factors that would drive dramatic and consistent growth up until today. The new company. NutriAsia evolved through a series of brand acquisitions. Together with SAFI. Though this joint venture was ultimately short-lived. NutriAsia would soon become a major player in the local food market. NutriAsia is now in the big league of Philippine companies. HJ Heinz of the US. The acquired brands were nurtured with innovation and brand building investments. and was a key component in our company’s greatest coup to date. SAFI entered into a joint venture with its first foreign partner. And all these paid off with market leadership. a big milestone year. the holding company which acquired the UFC brand. ranked among the top food icon among banana catsup lovers. And yet our company continues to strive for ever greater heights.Enter 1996. . UFC . This milestone was accompanied by the founding of NutriAsia Incorporated. At the turn of the millennium. Our long-term vision is to be a world class branded food and beverage company serving global markets. it was significant because it allowed SAFI to acquire new technologies and business processes from their foreign partners. Looking back. SAFI acquired the mega brand. carried catsups and chili sauces while the remaining portfolio of products was handled by SAFI. called Heinz-UFC.

we are ready to bring change. We enable great meals to make people happy. Great Meals. “Ito angamingpanibagongkaisipan – maspinalakas.Imagine that which is good can get even better. VISION To be the first choice for flavorsome condiments and food products for the Filipinos at home and around the world. . MISSION Happy People. maspinatindingNutriAsia”. Anywhere. Indeed. Anytime.

Creativity CORE VALUES Excellence Caring Walk the Talk Winning together .



Nutriasia brands are already venerable names not only in Filipino household but also globally. STRENGTH .Loyalty of customers. .Well recognized brand. Taste is power! . Jufran.It is the first and only branded local condiments company that is certified by globally institutions for it’s compliance with systems and best practices that make sure its products are safe and clean.Has the widest selection of quality sauces and condiments in the market. . . Papa. Mafran and DatuPuti are the market leaders in our country where 9 out of every 10 people consume NutriAsia products compared to other brands. UFC.

. WEAKNESS Large operational cost connected with high level of employment in the country and also due to wide variations of products.

.From food condiments. ..Now that Filipino food is gaining popularity. the company plans to grow its range of products to packaged food and growing food categories within the next following years. NutriAsia wants to accelerate the momentum of the need for Filipino food.J .Possible partnership with large companies overseas. … . . . .

Economic recession can change customer motivation from one driven by quality and convenience to the one one driven by low cost. .



Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University . Jose “ JOJO” G. EMPLOYEES INFORMATION NAME : Mr. Rimorin POSITION: Production Manager AGE : 45y/o EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT: .Years of work in the company: 19 years .Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering -Electrical Engineer Licensure -Exam Passer EMPLOYER: NutriAsia Inc.

What is the first ever product created by NutriAsia? .QUESTION and ANSWER 1.

fish sauce. UFC company.and Mang Tomas company actually merged as NutriAsia and can be actually considered as NutriAsia Group of Companies”. Answer: “Our core products are the DatuPutivinegar. DatuPutisoysauce. The SAFI Company. .Banana Ketchup and Mang Tomas sarsa.

2. How many plantations do NutriAsia have .

Cebu City and main office in The Fort Taguig City”. Cabuyao Laguna. Davao City. Answer: “We have one plantation in Marilao Bulacan. .

3. In your own opinion. what do you think is the best marketing strategy that this company did that makes it as a top leading food condiments in the market? .

Answer: “ I thinks it’s because NutriAsia brand has been an Iconic Filipino brand that took its place in every household. I can say that NutriAsia is the front-liner in food condiments that is why customers trusted us and continuous in patronizing our products. We are actually certified by FDA and we have also received the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) from SGS Philippines which is part of the world’s largest Independent certification company. .And in terms of quality. We maintain regulatory standards. We are the first and only branded condiments company that is FSSC certified.

4. What are the risk and benefits in exporting products into different parts of the world? .

The benefits are. because we make sure that all our products fully complied in all of their regulatory requirements. Answer: “The risk in exporting is that we have to follow regulatory requirements. We have to comply in other countries standard rules and regulations in order to have a legal transaction with them. We make sure that our products complied all of their set requirements. Compliance is really a bug thing!” . we can easily export products and enter their market.

5. Do you think Filipino overseas contributes in the success of NutriAsia brands globally? How? .

Answer: “Yes! Filipino overseas is really such a big help in the massive distribution of our products globally”. .

What particular cargo courier you trust in exporting your products? .6.

Answer: “ We have third party transporter/courier in exporting ( Unnamed due to its confidentiality) And locally we have the cargo van which is the RLMU Tracking”. .

7. what mode of payment do you use in settling payments? . In transacting in foreign countries.

. “We have the Letter of Credit (LC) or bank to bank process”. Answer: .

What is the advantage of having many variations of products? What is the advantage of having many variations of products? . 8.

. Answer: “By having many variations of product we can dominate the market share and customers can easily recognized our brand”.

9. What is the disadvantage in having wide selection of products in the market? .

Because as we produce more products the more we need to provide for packaging materials and listing fees and the more complexity in the operations. And every time we introduce new product in the market. Answer: “The disadvantage is the large operational cost. . we have to educate and familiarize the customers regarding this new product through advertisement and other promo ads as part of our new development process”.

10. Why is it “Masarap Masaya Basta NutriAsia”? .

Answer: “That is actually our tagline. NutriAsia serve for Happy People. Happy employee and Happy customer”. Our bosses created a tag- line that is common yet can be easily remembered and recognized by the customers. .





EXPORT PROCEDURE OF THE PHILIPPINES -Packed correctly so that it arrives in good condition.Insured against damage. in some cases. and pilferage and. . loss. and . delay. -Documented correctly to meet local and foreign government requirements as well as proper collection standards. -Labeled correctly to ensure that the goods are handled properly and arrive on time and at the right place.

FREIGHT FORWARDERS The international freight forwarder acts as an agent for the exporter in moving cargo to the overseas destination. .

To provide proper bracing in the container. avoid mentioning contents or brand names on packages. Packages and packing filler should be made of moisture-resistant material. and shrink wrapping are effective means of deterring theft. To avoid pilferage. or on pallets to ensure greater ease in handling. Goods should be packed in oceangoing containers. PACKING Pack in strong containers. . seals. make sure the weight is evenly distributed. if possible. adequately sealed and filled when possible. strapping. regardless of size. In addition.

>Shipper's mark. >Port of entry. >Handling marks (international pictorial symbols). >Labels for hazardous materials (universal symbols adapted by the International Maritime Organization). >Number of packages and size of cases (in inches and centimeters). . >conceal the identity of the contents. >Cautionary markings. LABELING Specific marking and labeling is used on export shipping cartons and containers to: >meet shipping regulations. such as "This Side Up" or "Use No Hooks" (in English and in the >language of the country of destination). >Weight marking (in pounds and in kilograms). and >help receivers identify shipments. >ensure proper handling. >Country of origin (exporters' country).

* Insurance certificate * Export license * Export packing list. * Inspection certification * Dock receipt and warehouse receipt. * Consular invoice. . * Bill of lading. * Destination control statement. * Certificate of origin. DOCUMENTATION * Commercial invoice.

SHIPPING The handling of transportation is similar for domestic orders and export orders. . The export marks should be added to the standard information shown on a domestic bill of lading and should show the name of the exporting carrier and the latest allowed arrival date at the port of export. The exporter should also include instructions for the inland carrier to notify the international freight forwarder by telephone on arrival.

. and delay in transit by cargo insurance. INSURANCE Export shipments are usually insured against loss. damage.

>To establish and boost presence in the international market. >It helps maintain high level of work force in our country. . >Exporting is a great way of increasing sales potential that enhances company’s image to be seen as more progressive. >Exporting broadens the marketing base. WHY DO NUTRIASIA EXPORT PRODUCT? NutriAsia is well recognized company and it aims to maintain its position as one of the leading condiments not just in our country but also to achieved the popularity of Filipino taste and Filipino brand in every household globally. >It gives NutriAsia the opportunity to create new streams of revenue. >To be more competitive not just locally but also globally.



if appropriate. If the goods are to be released from CBP custody at the time of entry. entry documents must be filed at a location specified by the port director. port of entry. • Packing lists.S. • Evidence of right to make entry. . an entry summary for consumption must be filed and estimated duties deposited at the port of entry within 10 working days of the good’s entry. •Other documents necessary to determine merchandise admissibility. • Commercial invoice or a pro forma invoice when the commercial invoice cannot be produced. These documents are: • Entry Manifest (CBP Form 7533) or Application and Special Permit for Immediate Delivery (CBP Form 3461) or other form of merchandise release required by the port director. IMPORT And EXPORT POLICY TO OTHERCOUNTRY IMPORT/EXPORT POLICY IN USA Entry Documents Within 15 calendar days of the date that a shipment arrives at a U.

Exporting to the Middle East Exporting to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . -Follow the CAP (Conformity Assessment Programme). -Every imported product must be accompanied by a CoC (Certificate of Conformity) from an authorized inspection agency. -Submit certain documents such as: A certification form A commercial invoice A test report proving compliants with the standards .

-The Qatar Customs and Ports General Authority is responsible for customs. These guidelines are called the KUCAS (Kuwait Conformity Assurance Scheme).•Exporting to Qatar Exporting to Kuwait The Public Authority for Industry of the State of Kuwait has issued certain requirements in regards to products being imported into the country. . -Registration is required by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce to obtain an import license. - Registration in the Importers Register and approval by the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry are required.Trading requirements with Qatar include products having a CoC (Certificate of Conformity). Exporting to Qatar -Companies are advised to seek legal and tax advice before starting any type of business partnership. .

IMPORT/ EXPORT POLICY IN EUROPE •EU customs code •Registering as an economic operator (EORI number) •Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) •Customs approved treatments •Customs declaration .Single Administrative Document (SAD) •Value for Customs purposes .

NutriAsia Product Brands .