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What We Do ?

The NAQAWA is a Center for Speech , Language &

Rehabilitation-Who provides specialized Speech –
Language Pathology services that include assessment,
therapy, and parent training.
Our Team

Dr. Abdel Rahman Naqawa

PhD., (Sp.Ed.), CCC- SLP

Ms. Asma Abdul Qasim Rizvi

Services Provided
•Speech Disorders Treatment
• Speech sound disorders can impact the form of
speech sounds or the function of speech sounds
within a language.
• Disorders that impact the form of speech sounds are
traditionally referred to as articulation disorders.
How We Cure Articulation
• NAQAWA is specifically designed to treat
articulation disorders and have been clinically proven
to work twice as fast as traditional therapy in
resolving this type of speech problem.
• We has a team of expert Speech-Language
Pathologist (SLP) who can provide the best
treatment to your child.
• Phonological disorder is a type of speech sound
disorder. Which creates inability to correctly form
the sounds of words.
• Children with phonological disorder do not use some or
all of the speech sounds to form words as expected for a
child their age.
How We Cure Phonology
• NAQAWA speech therapist for phonological disorders
involves practicing sounds. We will help your child how
to position the tongue and move the mouth to produce
the correct sound.
• He will be encouraged to differentiate between words
with similar sounds. Your child’s therapist will focus on
helping him understand that changing a sound can
change the meaning of a word.
• Apraxia of speech is a neurological childhood speech
sound disorder in which the precision and
consistency of movements underlying speech are
impaired in the absence of neuromuscular deficits
• Apraxia of speech may occur as a result of known
neurological impairment, in association with complex
neurobehavioral disorders.
How We Cure Apraxia
• Our Professionals known as Speech Language
Pathologists (SLP) play a key role in diagnosing and
treating Apraxia.
• Our SLPs use different approaches to treat Apraxia,
because no single approach has been proven to be the
most effective.
• A fluency disorder, which is often referred to as
“stuttering ”, is characterized by primary (core) and
secondary behaviors.
• Primary behaviors may include repetitions of sounds,
syllables, or whole words; prolongations of single
sounds; or blocks of airflow or voicing during speech.
How we Cure Fluency
• We are highly individualized and based on thorough
assessment of speech fluency, language factors and life
impact. In creating a treatment plan and setting goals for
fluency, the SLP uses linguistically and culturally
appropriate stimuli and is sensitive to the unique values
and preferences of each individual/family.
• A voice disorder is any abnormality of the voice
production system that results in a change in your voice
that is unsatisfactory to you.
• You may experience numerous symptoms, or perhaps
there is only one symptom that bothers you. The
symptoms may be persistent or you may experience
them only intermittently.
How we Cure Voice Disorder
• Intervention is conducted to achieve improved voice
production and coordination of respiration and laryngeal
• SLPs often incorporate aspects of more than one
therapeutic approach in developing a treatment plan.
• ADDRESS: The Curve Bldg. - Shiekh Zayed Road
P.O. Box: 37124 Dubai, UAE
• Phone: +971 4 33 800 32
• Mobile: +971 521 352735
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