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EBS R12 Ledgers and Ledger sets
EMEA Financials PC Jan 10th 2007

‡ R12 Key Initiatives ‡ Ledgers and Ledger Sets ‡ Other Ledger related features:
‡ ‡ Management segment & management reporting Data Access Sets

Due to the nature of the product architecture. or functionality. reproduced or distributed to anyone outside Oracle without prior written consent of Oracle. which has been executed and with which you agree to comply. and timing of any features or functionality described in this document remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. This document and information contained herein may not be disclosed. It is intended solely to help you assess the business benefits of upgrading to Release 12. it may not be possible to safely include all features described in this document without risking significant destabilization of the code. . Your access to and use of this confidential material is subject to the terms and conditions of your Oracle Software License and Service Agreement. It is not a commitment to deliver any material. Disclaimer: This document in any form. This document is for informational purposes only and is intended solely to assist you in planning for the implementation and upgrade of the product features described. and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. contains proprietary information that is the exclusive property of Oracle. The development. code. copied.Purpose: This document provides an overview of features and enhancements included in Release 12. release. This document is not part of your license agreement nor can it be incorporated into any contractual agreement with Oracle or its subsidiaries or affiliates. software or printed matter.

<Insert Picture Here> Release Twelve The Global Business Release .

and Compliant Analytics ¼+$ + ¼ Comprehensive and compliant processing Controlled Transaction Entry . Reconciliation & Drilldown $ Corp. to make the right decisions Manage Globally. to be more competitive Think Globally.Simplify & Standardize Work Globally. to lower cost and increase performance A$+$ Easy Reporting Transparent Audit. Compliance US GAAP / IAS-IFRS Corp COA Corp Calendar Joint Compliance US GAAP / IAS-IFRS Corp COA Corp Calendar Parent Compliance US GAAP / IAS-IFRS Corp COA Corp Calendar National Compliance Local Regulation National COA Local Calendar Financial Data for Management .

6.Global Financial Architecture 6 Major Initiatives 1. Ledger and Ledger Sets Multi-Org Access Control Bank Model Subledger Accounting Tax Engine Intercompany MultiMulti-Org Access Control Inventory Receivables Projects Dr Cr General Ledger Ledger & Ledger Sets Subledger Accounting (SLA) 3. 4. 5. 2. Tax Engine Inter Company Bank Model Work in Process Purchasing Payables .

Global Financial Architecture 6 Major Initiatives 1. 3. 2. Subledger Accounting Intercompany Multi-Org Access Control Bank Model Ledger and Ledger Sets eTax MultiMulti-Org Access Control Dr Cr General Ledger Ledger & Ledger Sets Subledger Accounting (SLA) 4. 5. Tax Engine Inter Company Bank Model Inventory Receivables Projects Work in Process Purchasing Payables . 6.

5. 6. 2. 3. Subledger Accounting Intercompany Multi-Org Access Control Bank Model Ledger and Ledger Sets eTax MultiMulti-Org Access Control Dr Cr General Ledger Ledger & Ledger Sets Subledger Accounting (SLA) 4. Tax Engine Inter Company Bank Model Inventory Receivables Projects Work in Process Purchasing Payables .Global Financial Architecture 6 Major Initiatives 1.

and« Think Globally Global Ledger Sets ± worldwide insight Global Reporting Ledger Set manage their subledger data in Operating Units MultiMulti-Org Access Control Manage Globally Global Accounting Rules Global Set-up Global Integration Inventory Receivables Projects Work in Process Purchasing Payables .What the Architecture Gets You Work Globally Global Order Desk Global Procurement Global Billing Global Dunning Release 12 Subsidiary LEs«. Company Company Company «account for themselves in Ledgers.

Demand & Purchase Orders  Receiving & Drop Ship  Invoice Receipt.MOAC: Multi-Org Access Control Role based access to Operating Units Perform multiple tasks across operating units without changing responsibilities Belgium Legal Entity Holland Legal Entity Denmark Legal Entity Functional Tasks  Order Management  Dunning. Collections. Disbursement  Customer Data Management  Accounting Setup Belgium Operating Unit Holland Operating Unit Denmark Operating Unit Responsibility Responsibility Single Responsibility Responsibility . Billing  Requisition.

g.Bank Model: E. Pay invoices from different OUs with 1 instruction OU A ‡ New Payments Module ‡ New Bank Module ‡ New Bank & Credit Card Features OU B OU C Single Payment Instruction Bank Payments Sub Ledger Accounting Invoices .

etc Common Posting to GL Ledgers Dr Cr Subledger Accountin g Single subledger transaction can create multiple accounting representations and in multiple currencies ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Payables Invoice . inquiries. ‡ User Editable Subledger Daybooks (Journals) Subledger Balancing Reports. open items.Subledger Accounting Ledger A French Rules Plan Comptable French Calendar Ledger B US GAAP US COA US Calendar What it is EUR EUR ‡ Multiple Accounting ‡ Representations Accounting Rules ‡ SarBox & 8th Dir.

S. Solution . and transactions ‡ Tax registrations and tax reporting codes Local Compliance ‡ Tax lines determine applicable taxes ‡ Configurable tax reporting templates ‡ Single set up for all Oracle applications Information Visibility ‡ Use of E-Business Suite components such as trading partner geography. legal entity.Centralized Global Tax Less Complex Global Tax Compliance Business Needs ‡ Tax content for certain countries Automation ‡ Vertex and Taxware integration for U. and accounting event. trading partner classification. ‡ Integrity checks during setup process Constant Changes in Tax Laws and Regulations ‡ Date effective setup ‡ Tax rules flow for change or creating rules ‡ Tax simulator for setup. rules. inventory item categorization.

R12 eTax Set-up Templates Austria Belgium Hungary Italy Slovakia Sweden Switzerland Turkey UK Czech Republic Luxembourg Denmark Finland France Germany Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal .

R12 Architecture: eBusiness Tax Place of Supply ‡ Determine where the supply is deemed to take place Regime Determine / Tax Applicability ‡ Determine Tax Regimes and Candidate Taxes ‡ Determine Applicable Taxes & Jurisdictions Registration Tax Status and Tax Rate Taxable Basis Taxable Calculation Recovery Rate ‡ Determine Registration under which supply will be performed ‡ Determine Tax Status for each applicable Tax ‡ Determine Tax Rate ‡ Evaluate Exemptions and Exceptions ‡ Determine Taxable Basis (normally line amount) ‡ Calculate Tax (normally = line amount x rate) ‡ Perform Rounding ‡ Determine Tax Recovery Rate .

Advanced Global Intercompany System Web UI Advanced Global Intercompany System Subledger Invoices & Documents Open Interfaces / API  Generate subledger invoices Excel (Web ADI)  Control transaction entry with Intercompany Calendar  Fully Configurable Approval Rules  Flexible Security Model  Centrally defined Intercompany Accounts XML Publisher Reports Online Reconciliation Reporting Dr Cr General Ledger Subledger Accounting Receivables Payables .

record-keeping ledger ‡ Defined by 4Cs: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Chart of accounts Accounting calendar Primary currency Subledger Accounting Method Secondary Ledgers ‡ Optional. additional accounting representations of your primary ledger ‡ Can differ in one or more of the following from the primary ledger: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Chart of accounts Accounting calendar Primary currency Subledger Accounting Method .R12 Architecture: Ledgers Primary Ledgers ‡ (Ledgers replace Sets of Books) ‡ Main.

If difference is only currency. US GAAP Accrual Chart of accounts Calendar Accounting Method Currency Use a Secondary Ledger Use Reporting Currencies .R12 Architecture: Ledgers 4Cs of a Primary Ledger If one or more of the following are different.

US GAAP Local Statutory Ledger (Secondary Ledger) e. French GAAP SLA SLA Subledger Transactions Transaction AP AR FA Other Subledgers .g.g.R12 Architecture: Ledgers Legal Entity Accounting Corporate Ledger (Primary Ledger) e.

R12 Architecture: Ledgers Level of Detail Desired Balances Level Path to Secondary Ledger Use GL Consolidation to Transfer Balances Use Posting for Automatic Journals Replication Use SLA for Automatic Maintenance Manual Adjustments in GL or Automated Adjustments from SLA GL Journals Level AP AR FA Subledger Journals Level Adjustments Only .

Ledger Sets Global Information At A Glance Ledger Set Ledger C Share: Chart of Accounts Calendar Ledger A French Rules Plan Comptable French Calendar Ledger B US GAAP US COA US Calendar US GAAP US COA US Calendar USD Ledger D US GAAP US COA US Calendar EUR EUR AUD Reporting Currency .

R12 Architecture: Ledgers Ledger Set .Perform the Following Across Ledgers: ‡ Create Reports ‡ Report on One or All Ledgers in a Ledger Set ‡ Open/Close Periods ‡ Open/Close Periods Independently or Simultaneously Ledger 1 Ledger 2 Ledger 3 Ledger 4 ‡ Create Journals ‡ Allocations Across Ledgers ‡ Recurring Journals for All Ledgers ‡ Translate Balances ‡ Translate Balances for All Ledgers ‡ View Information ‡ No Changing Responsibilities ‡ View Journals and Account Balances Ledger Set ‡ .

Ledger Sets ‡ Grouping of ledgers with the same chart of accounts and calendar/period type combination ‡ Essentially treats multiple ledgers as one .

R12 Architecture: Ledgers ‡ Management Segment ‡ Optionally qualify a segment as the management segment to perform management reporting ‡ Secure read and write access to Ledger/Management Segment Value combinations using Data Access Sets Co Balancing CC Cost Center Management Acct Natural Account I/C Intercompany .

Management Reporting and Security LE Primary Ledger Co CC Acct I/C ‡ Managers enter adjustments using their management segment value ‡ Data access set security ensures managers only update/view info. for their area of responsibility OU97 OS69 OX53 .

you can specify all values.R12 Architecture: Ledgers Data Access Set: ‡ Access multiple legal entities and ledgers from a single GL responsibility using the GL: Data Access Set profile option ‡ Assign Ledgers and Ledger Sets to Data Access Sets ‡ Optionally specify read and write privileges to: ‡ Entire Ledgers ‡ Specific Balancing Segment Values (a. or child values individually .a Legal Entities if BSVs assigned to Legal Entities) ‡ Specific Management Segment Values ‡ When you assign specific balancing or management segment values. parent values that include children.k.

R12 Architecture: Ledgers Data Access Set Ledgers must share same COA/Calendar combination COA must have management segment to use Assign ledgers and/or ledger sets Specify Read Only or Read/Write Access .

matrix reporting etc. ‡ Multiple Currency Support For All Data From All Sources ‡ Management Reporting ‡ Multi-Ledger (Ledger Set) Processing ‡ Overview of features that support ledger sets ‡ Data Access and Data Security using Data Access Sets ‡ Access to Legal Entities and Ledgers ‡ Security for Legal Entities.R12 Architecture: Ledgers Ledger Architecture Features ‡ Accounting Setup Manager ‡ Simultaneous Accounting For Multiple Reporting Requirements MultiGAAP. Balancing and Management Segment Values . Ledgers.

. hands on. Webcasts. 10 for Financials. where do I start?¶ docs ‡ Change configuration document* ‡ Did you know.? emails All materials available from the Release 12 Page of the EMEA Financials website * Work in progress . remotely ‡ Training ± 63 consultants sent to HQ. ‡ ILTs*. Viewlets ‡ I¶m new to key initiative X.What¶s the EMEA Financials PC done so Far? ‡ Testing ± >60 consultants.


EMEA Consulting 1-Release 12 Page on the EMEA Financials PC website.ZIP) --Product Information--INTERNAL 1-All of the "Release Content Documents" can be found .com/products/docs/R12_OVERVIEW.html).us. (Explicit URL: http://ouweb. (Explicit URL: http://ouweb. by Cliff 3-Recorded TOI's are continuously being posted here. 2-High level theme of Release 12 is "Global Business Release". 2-Release 12 common session webcasts covering cross EBS initiatives can be found here. --Sales Messaging-1-Official name of the release is E-Business Suite Release 12.html).com/ebus/ to websites« 3-R12 positioning powerpoint can be found here.oraclecorp. . (Explicit URL: http://apps. can be found here.html). 4-A high level overview of Appstech in Release 12. (Explicit URL: http://ebiz.



Ledger Set Implementation Considerations ‡ Limit the number of charts of accounts and calendars to take advantage of ledger sets ‡ Group the Adjustments Only Secondary Ledger with its Primary Ledger in a Ledger Set for financial reporting Statutory Ledger Set Primary Ledger USD Adjustment Only Secondary Ledger USD For adjustments .

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