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A Literary Analysis

of The Great Gatsby

By [Bushra Rashid]
[Wealth & Identity] in The Great Gatsby
● I chose to write about this topic because wealth changes the way that
people think of themselves as, for example wealth is something that in
this book most characters want, but when they want it they don’t get it
the way they want it, they get it in a way that does not please them. This
topic is important in this novel because it reveals the change in each
identity that is made by each character.
[Fitzgerald’s ● “ His family were enormously wealthy
even in college his freedom with money

characterization ●
was a matter for reproach” (CH 1, PG.3)
Tom is basically the representation of

of Tom as a free “high” class and is known to be “aggressive

& strong” with what he owns. That is a

preference to how Tom was born to live for
the money.
● "Anyhow, he gives large parties. And I

[Fitzgerald uses
like large parties. They're so intimate. At
small parties there isn't any privacy."

motif as an
(CH 3, PG 26)
● Gatsby’s wealth is mixed within the way
that it is used as a way to please the society
assertion to with a person's wealth, the author shows the
way a person should appear within his own

show wealth at wealth, but hides Gatsby from the reality.

You can always aim higher and get what

Gatsby's parties. ] you want even if the process gets slowed

● “He took out a pile of shirts and began

[Fitzgerald’s throwing them...Daisy bent her head into

the shirts and began to cry stormily” (CH

choice of ●
4, PG 49)
Daisy is heartbroken, but the real question

symbolism talks
was why? And the answer was basically
because she was surprised by the way that

of the heart-
Gatsby had materials that satisfied her, his
wealth made her burst into tears, but she
never cries because they met again. This
broken Daisy ] basically symbolizes the importance of
money rather than love.
[Fitzgerald's use ● “For a moment of phrase tried to take
shape in my mouth and my lips parted

of Allusion
like a dumb man’s, as though there was
more struggling upon them than a wisp of
startled air.” (CH 6, Pg 59).
expresses the ● In his mind Nick knew that he was
connected to wealthy people at the most, he
indirect words of didn’t want to be, however; he always
thought of wealth as an Allusion that is

Nick ] indirect towards his connections and the

meaning to those connections was basically
the meaning to careless people.
[Fitzgerald uses ● “Don’t be starts all over

motif when he again when it gets crisp in the fall” (CH 7,

PG 63).

uses life as a
● A fresh start meaning a new life for each
individual, and there is this pattern used as

pattern to a new
motif to keep making life going, this pattern
makes a difference only when options are
open, options that make an individual want
start after each something even if they don’t need it, just
like Jordan and Daisy who don’t really need

conflict.] wealth but have it as an option.

● “They were careless people…. the green
light.. the orgastic future, borne
back..into the past” (CH 9, PG 98-99).

[Fitzgerald’s ● What do careless words do, they only bring

bad habits onto an individual's personality of

choice of
being a careless person, only thinking of
what best fits their abilities, this is where

symbolism onto
Gatsby had thought for his own fir that the
green light was going to represent and
symbolize the day he will be with Daisy
the love of once again, meanwhile the money made
Daisy blind and changed her into a careless

selfishness ] person.
● “You always have a green light that burns
all night at the end of your dock” (CH 5,
PG 49).
● Distance meant that something should be
accomplished, Fitzgerald’s opinion on the
green light was expressed through the

[Fitzgerald’s challenges that were put each time that there

had been focus on the basic impact of the

choice of green light, Fitzgerald knew that as the

reader the green light was going to come in

Imagery onto focus and move in the minds of the readers

in the way that there had been a conflict

the green light. ]

each time the light moved upon that conflict
and the way it expressed hope or judgement.
In this judgement wealth makes an
inference, the light protects Gatsby from
seeing the truth and at the end kills him.
[Fitzgerald’s ● “Suppose you met someone just as
careless as yourself” (CH 3, PG 31).

choice of ● This idea of being that one person who cares

for only what benefits them is basically a

repetition forced
retelling of the whole story over and over
again, people who care for themselves know

onto the act of

that what they are going for, and whatever
they benefit lastly focuses on the way that
they they use their money to impact their
identity. ] personality, for example Nick did not own
much but he used it the way that impacted
his personality in a way that did not change
the tone or the mood of his personality.
Wealth is the thrall to an identity.
A Final Word...
● There is a difference in reading only, and in reading when taking notes
and keeping up with the conflict, it is very important for a person as a
reader to understand those differences in order to express the different
idea that go through one's mind. Something that makes The Great
Gatsby very important to read is how it comes from two different
perspectives, one is the author’s and the other is the reader's
perspective. Reading The Great Gatsby impacted my reading skills in
many different ways, those ways helped me understand more of what I
need to know about the reading, I think more of the conflicts, and
anything that happens under the surface, it is a great book.