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Interviewer Certification

“Finding the Right Fit”

Presented by:
Human Resources – Recruitment or 407-823-2771
• Understand the benefits of “behavioral interviewing”
• Review UCF’s Interviewing Procedures
• Briefly discuss the online hiring process
• Learn steps for conducting an effective interview and
review guidelines for writing good interview questions
• Understand the equal opportunity affirmative action
process as it applies to workforce diversity and the
avoidance of discrimination
- Ms. Maria Beckman (Director of EOAA)
What is PBI and why is it Important?
• Philosophy of Performance Based Interviews (PBI) is
Past actions are the best predictors of future
• Why is effective interviewing so important?
– Hiring top quality individuals
– Define the relevant experience, skills and abilities needed
to perform the job successfully will help to identify the
best qualified candidate
– Above information is also useful for posting and screening
Steps to Identify
Essential Tasks of the Position
• Review the position description
• Talk to individuals in a similar or the same position
• Document detailed tasks to be performed outside of
• Identify most important competencies/tasks for the
• Review the history of turnover and future expectations
• Use this information in developing various materials
– Job posting and behavioral interview questions
Performance Based Interviews
• Selecting the best candidate can:
– Increase output, productivity and the success of the
– Reduce training time
– Decrease turnover
• Utilizing Performance Based Interview techniques can:
– Prevent the interviewer from using personal impressions
– Reduce candidate “faking”
– Ensure that the interviewer is asking job related questions
Interview is Not the Only Tool
• It is important to remember that the
Performance Based Interview process is a useful
tool to assist in candidate selection, but it should
not be the only decision-maker factor.
• Should also consider:
– Relevant experience and credentials indicated on the
application or resume
– Information provided in reference checks
“Gut Feelings” Activity

• View each image individually for about a

minute or two, choose four adjectives to
describe each image

• After, break into groups to compare and

discuss the adjectives chosen
“Gut Feeling” Discussion
Online Employment Systems
• Hiring Managers (HM) & Certified Interviewers (CI) -

– Create requisitions for job postings

– Review applications

– Input selection/non-selection reasons

– Complete & submit hiring documents

• Applicants –

– Search for open positions

– Check status of applications

How to Gain Access
• Create a user account on:
How to Gain Access
How to Gain Access

• Complete the
On-line Security Access Form
& fax to Recruitment at

• HR will email new user

when approved
Recruiting for the Job
• USPS (Staff) and A&P Positions
– Create online requisition & activate guest user access
– Due in HR by Wednesday at noon
• Positions must be advertised for a min. of 5 days
– CareerBuilder Option
• Cost is $175.00 charged to department
• Due with the requisition to HR by Wednesday at noon (Account Number)
– HigherEdJobs Option
• Free to departments/colleges that are participating in contract.
• Check with main HR Liaison in department/college to see if your area is
– External A&P postings must have a 2nd advertising source.
– Internal A&P posting do not need a 2nd ad.
Where else can you post your
PeopleAdmin Reference Guides
PeopleAdmin Home Page
Online Job Posting
What Will I See as a CI or HM?
Position Applicant Listing

USPS (Staff)
Alternative Employment
Claiming and Earning
Veteran’s Preference
• Applicants must complete the Veteran’s Preference section on the online
application and send or fax a copy of DD-214 to Recruitment
• Recruitment will verify the information granting the preference status to
• Veteran Preference is only available for USPS (Staff) positions
• Veteran Preference status is indicated on the online applicant list
• Veteran must meet the minimum qualifications (not preference) to be
granted preference
– Note: Veteran’s Preference can be claimed more than once

Veteran Preference Guide:

Veteran’s Preference


USPS (Staff) Preference
• Considered internal if employed for more than
six months at UCF
• OPS employees are not considered internal
candidates for USPS (Staff) Preference
• A minimum of 2 of the 3 candidates should be
internal applicants if they meet the minimum
qualifications (not preference)
USPS Preference


Alternative Employment
• Layoff Notification
– Notice given to employee about being laid off, still employed
– Departments required to interview, but don’t have to select them
– If individual not selected for hire, must have a significant valid
business reason
• Recall Rights
– Individual officially laid off from the university
– Departments required to interview
– If individual not selected for hire, must have a significant valid
business reason
– Must provide documentation of reason
– Reason will be reviewed by a committee
Recall Preference


Interviewing Procedures
• Check for a diverse pool
• Select minimum of 3 candidates for A&P and USPS
• Must meet minimum qualifications for position
• Telephone screening interviews for first interview are
not required
• Top candidates must receive face-to-face interview
• Be consistent/fair in interview method
Behavioral Interviewing
(DVD – Actions Speak!: Behavior Based
• “Past actions are the best predictors of future

– Understand the concept of behavioral interviewing
– Learn steps for conducting an effective interview
– Develop good behavioral interview questions
Interview Tips
• Establish rapport
• Provide a preview of position
• Ask specific questions about past performance (behavioral predictors)
• Probe for specific information
• Ask for reverse information/questions (fair and balanced)
• Respect and manage silence
• Allow the candidate to ask questions
• Close the interview
• Review notes and summarize your impressions
Interviewing Tools:
Checklist to Prepare for Interview
Interviewing Tools:
Examples of Behavioral Interview
Interviewing Tools:
Interview Questions to Avoid
Interviewing Tools:
Telephone Reference Checks Form
Telephone Reference Checks
• 2 telephone reference checks must be performed
– UCF employers do not have to be the only references contacted
• Professional references are required
– Acceptable: supervisors, managers, directors
– Unacceptable: co-workers, personal references
• Use Telephone Reference Check form to verify dates of
employment, duties & past behaviors
• If organization unable or unwilling to provide a reference,
request the applicant to provide copy of his/her most
current performance appraisal
Ready to Hire?
What You Need to Submit to HR
• Ensure qualified veterans and at least 2 internal candidates were interviewed
• Complete 2 telephone reference checks on the selected candidate and annotate the results
• Review application to ensure all sections are complete and accurate
• Complete the hiring proposal with name, salary, and start date of selected candidate
• Change status of all applicants online indicating who was selected and who was and was not
interviewed and why
• Forward the online Job Posting and Hiring Documents to Recruitment
• Unofficial transcript is acceptable for processing, but an official transcript must be provided
within 30 days for domestic universities and 90 days for international universities.
– Applicants using college credit hours to meet minimum qualifcations must submit
Ready to Hire?
What You Need to Submit to HR
For A&P
• Complete 2 telephone references
• Review application to ensure all sections are complete and accurate
• Unofficial transcript is acceptable for processing, but an official transcript must be
provided within 30 days for domestic universities and 90 days for international
• Complete the online A&P Agreement Request Form and online A&P Employment
Certification Form in the system on the selected candidate
• Change the status of all the candidates indicating who was selected and at which
round of the search the rest of the candidates were eliminated
• Upload the advertising, telephone references and search committee meeting
minutes and notices
• Forward the online Job Posting and Hiring Documents to Recruitment via your EU
Other Resources
Human Resources Website:
(Click on Managers & HR Liaisons)
Other Resources
Hiring Packet Checklists
Other Resources

Online PeopleAdmin Training Videos

Online Employment System Reference Guide
Other Resources
Physical Exams: Instructions & Requirement List
(For USPS positions)
1. When are requisitions due to HR?

2. How long are positions posted?

3. What is the minimum # of candidates to select for on

campus interviews for both USPS and A&P positions?

4. How many of the 3 candidates selected for interview

for USPS positions should be internal?
5. True or False: Top candidates must receive an in person interview.

6. How many telephone reference checks must be performed on the

selected candidate?

7. True or False: Is it ok if some candidates interviewed don’t meet

the minimum qualifications?

8. True or False: Individuals granted alternative employment

preference must be interviewed by the department.
They are Hired, Now What?
First Day of Employment

• Schedule payroll sign-in & orientation

• Obtain UCF ID card
• Explain nearest parking lot & decals
• On Line USPS handbook, policies & procedures, departmental
procedures/norms, confidentiality agreements, etc.
• Provide blank copy of Performance Appraisal
They are Hired, Now What?
After 30 Days On the Job

• Supervisor asks new employee:

– What’s working well so far?
– Based on your prior work, what ideas for improvement do
you have?
– How do we compare with what we said in the interview?
– Discuss performance thus far
Any Questions?