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JISC Frameworks Programme Group

WP1: Scoping Study

Frameworks Scoping Study
Steering Group Meeting 21.5.04 Manchester
Tom Franklin - Franklin Consulting Jim Petch, Hilary Dexter, Pauline Wilcox, John Carroll Ross MacIntyre, Leigh Morris, - University of Manchester Paul Ricketts, Diane Saxon - City College Manchester Mark Stiles - Staffordshire University
19 May 2004 FSS Project 1

• • • • • • • • • Work Packages – Month 1-2 Activities Data Tools Use Cases Repository Glossary Links to other JISC projects Dissemination activities
FSS Project 2

19 May 2004

Project Deliverables

Time 0

Project Initiation

Project Plan ProjectPlan-30-04-04-v1.0.doc Definitions of entities and Processes Specifications of requirements First cut framework and component architecture model Domain Metamodel Domain metadata DSL

Month 1 Month 1 Month 1

Domain Analysis User Requirement Analysis Define Framework/Component Architecture Build Metamodel Create DSL
FSS Project

Month 1-2 Month 1-2
19 May 2004

Activities: Month 1-2
Meetings/Events: 24/03/04 30/03/04 08/04/04 29/04/04 04/05/04 06/05/04 FSS Steering Group Meeting (Birmingham) FSS Steering Group Meeting (Edinburgh) Project Initiation Meeting Meeting: Tish Roberts Second Project Meeting Meeting: Andy Jordan - Standards for JISC Development Activity and Service Interoperability Meeting: Mark Stiles, Hilary Dexter and Jim Petch Meeting: Nigel Bridges (ESYS) - Sustainability study: common services and digital infrastructure FSS Steering Group Meeting (Manchester)
FSS Project 4

07/05/04 13/05/04

19 May 2004

Planned Meetings
Planned Meetings/Events: 09/06/04 10/06/04  06-07/07/04 14/07/04 11/08/04 September 2004
19 May 2004

JISC Development Team Meeting (JP to attend) Third Project Meeting JISC Joint Programme Meeting – Brighton Fourth Project Meeting JISC Development Team Meeting (JP to attend) Report to CETIS Enterprise Forum meeting (under discussion)
FSS Project 5

JISC Domain Model

19 May 2004

FSS Project


The 3 Data Types
PROJ Name Description Parent FSS Consultant Start date End date Funding Deliverables Date of Recording Project contact Element Type(s) Status Rationale for the project User Type Deployment Environment Keywords Problems Solved Metrics Solution Channels Related Assets (Dependencies) References Status Testing Documentation Standards Affects Framework Architecture SERV Name Description FSS Consultant Date of Recording Contact for Element Element Type Parent Name Status Rationale for the service Discipline User type Deployment Environment Keywords Problems Solved Metrics Solution Channel Related Assets (Dependencies) References Status Standards Testing Documentation UREQ Name Description FSS Consultant Date of Recording Requirement Source Person Requirement Source Document Original Record date Scope User Type User Category Purpose Discipline Regional Issues Functional Req Type Non-functional Req Stability Difficulty Affects Frameowrk Architecture Priority

Report: Requisite Pro
19 May 2004 FSS Project


Tools & Workflow

19 May 2004

FSS Project


Repository Metamodel

19 May 2004

FSS Project


Pattern for automatic generation of Glossary entry

Class FunctionalElement ServicesRepository::5_RepositoryOperation::Glossaries::JIS C_FSS::FunctionalElement Attribute Defintion In the context of the JISC Framework Scoping Study the term ‘functional element’ is reserved to describe a lower level component that provides some end benefit to the JISC user community. One or more functional elements are combined into a service[3]. Attribute ShortDefintion A functional element is a unit of functionality that provides some utility to a user as part of a service[3] Attribute SourceDescription Framework Scoping Study repository

19 May 2004

FSS Project


The JISC Planning Use Cases

19 May 2004

FSS Project



Project Tasks & Deliverables

19 May 2004

FSS Project