Introduction to 2D Art

Mrs. Yackel

KHS Art Department
• • Participate in several competitions each year Consistently earn awards • Students earn AP credits and scholarships

Build on current knowledge Learn 2d techniques and materials Learn design and composition Learn styles and cultures Learn unique thinking and selfexpression

What is 2D Art? Artwork that has height and width, but no depth; flat


Pen and ink

Color pencil


Acrylic painting


Units of Study
• • • • • Unit Unit Unit Unit Unit 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: learn learn learn learn learn to see to design to draw color theory to paint

• All units will incorporate art history and criticism

Things you need…
• $17 course fee
– The sooner you bring it in, the more extra credit points you earn!!!

• Folder/Binder to keep printed materials- this will be provided, but you are in charge of it! • Mixed Media materials

• Point System:
100 points/ 5 or 6 Project 10 - 25/ points/Assignments and sketches Friday Quizzes 100 point Mid-Quarter Test 100 point Final Written Test 100 point Cleaning Final

The 4 C’s
• Each project will be accompanied by a written self-evaluation when turned in on the due date.
– – – – 25 25 25 25 points: points: points: points: Content Craftsmanship Color/Value Commitment

– TOTAL 100 points

When artworks are turned in…
Assessment is filled out by you Complete answers Written Expression Review of Objectives

Act maturely and responsiblysafety concerns Permission to leave classroom
Consequence: unverified absence

Do not touch what is not yours Remain in seat until the bell rings

•Kennedy’s attendance policy is strictly enforced! •(hint,hint)
• 4 unverified absences equals “No Credit”

No musical devices
Item will be confiscated and turned in to the Main Office. Your parental will need to it pick up.

No cell phones
No texting Item will be confiscated and turned in to the Main Office. Your parental will need to it pick up.

Not to be seen or heard

Meet new people Work hard and create artwork we are proud of Achieve a passing grade Good attendance and behavior Enjoy ourselves and have fun

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