Introduction to 3D Art Course Description 10-11 10Ms.


KHS Art Department
‡Participate in several competitions each year ‡Consistently earn awards ‡Students earn AP credits and scholarships

What¶s this term all about?
Review what you already know about working with clay and sculptural materials Build on that, increasing your creativity Focus on new techniques and improving craftsmanship skills Timeline
Start ± T 9/8 Conferences ± R 10/7 Final - W 11/11

what is 3-d art? 3Art that has height, width, and depth Functional or nonnonfunctional

What will I learn this term?

Cubed Box

y Hand-built slab box with lid and handle Handy Elaborate surface design

To throw on the potter¶s wheel and make a glazed mug with a handle

to work with mixed media sculptural materials and design a «.. t.b.a.

how will I be graded?
y Point system:
y y y y y y 100 points/ 4 or 5 projects 10 - 25/ points/Assignments and sketches Friday Quizzes 100 point Mid-Quarter Test Mid100 point Final Written Test 100 point Cleaning Final

y each project will be accompanied by a written selfself-evaluation when turned in on the due date.
y y y y y 25 points: Content 25 points: Craftsmanship 25 points: Color 25 points: Commitment TOTAL 100 points

assessment is filled out by you  complete answers  written expression  review of objectives

what will I need to bring to class?
y $17 course fee
y the sooner you bring it in, the more extra credit you will earn

y plastic bags
y 3-4 kitchen sized bags

y folder/binder to keep printed materials - writing utensil y mixed media materials

What expectations does Ms. Yackel have?

Be on time!
y Kennedy¶s attendance policy is strictly enforced! y (hint,hint)
y 4 unexcused absences equals ³No Credit´ 

act maturely and responsibly permission to leave classroom 
Consequence: unexcused absence 

do not touch what is not yours remain in your seat until the bell rings

No musical devices
Consequence: Item will be confiscated, taken to the Main Office and your parental will pick-up pick-

No Cell Phones
Not to be seen or heardheardConsequence: Item will be confiscated, taken to the Main Office and your parental will pickpickup

it¶s the best class ! 
meet new people  work hard and create artwork we are proud of  achieve a passing grade  good attendance and behavior  enjoy ourselves and have fun

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