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1-In kerion, the following are true except:

a) It is caused by zoophilic
b) A bacterial co-pathogen may play a
c) Oral steroids are contraindicated
d) It heals with scarring
2- Nystatin is effective against:
a) Malassezia furfur
b) Candidia
c) Microsporum canis
d) None of the above
3- Unstable psoriasis includes all the
following types except:
a) erythrodermic
b) arthropathic
c) pustular
d) chronic generalized
4- Life saving in cases of acute urticaria
with laryngeal edema is:
a)Adrenaline 1/1000, 0.3 -1 ml
b) penicillin I M
c)Adrenaline 1/1000, 0.3 -1 ml
d) Oral antihistamines
5- The following are 1ry sites of gonorrhea
in adult female except:
a) Urethra
b) Vagina
c) Cervix uteri
d) Bartholin’s glands
6- The pathognomonic exclamation mark is
present in:
a) Alopecia areata
b) Tinea capitis
c) Scalp psoriasis
d) Trichotillomania
7- Aetiology of pityriasis alba includes all of
the following except:
a) localized streptococcal infection
b) vitamin deficiency
c) accompanying parasitic infestation
d) viral infection
8- The following are correct regarding
condyloma accuminata except:
a) Soft pink papules
b) Caused by treponema pallidum
c) Easily bleeds
d) Podophylline is used in treatment
9- Lepromatous leprosy is characterized by
the following except:
a) Bilateral and symmetrical lesions
b) Negative slit skin smear
c) Infectious type of leprosy
d) No cell mediated immunity for M.
10- The following is not treatment for
a) permethrin
b) ivermectin
c) corticosteroids
d) gamma benzene hexachloride
11- In secondary syphilis, the
serological tests are:
a) positive in 100%
b) negative in 100%
c) positive in 50% only
d) positive in 75% only
12- All the following diseases are non-
infectious except:
a) Eczema
b) vitiligo
c) Impetigo
d) psoriasis
13- ELISA in AIDS:
a) can be occasionally false positive
b) is a sensitive screening test
c) should be confirmed by Western
blot technique
d) all of the above
14- Chancroid ulcer is characterized by the
following except:
a) usually multiple and painful
b) undermined edge and soft base
c) accompanied by regional
d) penicillin is the drug of choice for its
15- Atopic dermatitis is characterized
by the following except:
a) itching
b) family history of atopy
c) flexural rash in adults
d) none of the above
16- Asthenozoospermia means:
a) sperm motility less than 50%
b) absence of sperms
c) number of sperms less than 20
million / ml
d) abnormal forms > 30%
17- Acyclovir 800 mg 5 times daily is
used in treatment of:
a) herpes simplex
b) herpes zoster
c) verruca
d) molluscum
18- The following are inflammatory
acne lesions except:
a) papules
b) pustules
c) nodules
d) comedones
19)- Cutaneous manifestations of AIDS
include the following except:
a) Kaposi’ s sarcoma
b) pruritic dermatitis
c) erythema multiforme
d) candidiasis
20-The following are treatment of
vitiligo except:
a) psoralen plus UVA
b) narrow band UVB
c) topical corticosteroids
d) psoralen plus narrow band UVB