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Problem Solving

• Identify the input, output, processing and storage used
in a pseudo code.
• Give the purpose of an output statement.
• List the key terms used in output statement
• Define the terms variable, constant
• Identify and use rules for writing variable names
• State the use of the five basic programming data types.
• Apply appropriate data types to given variables
• Analyze problems using Defining diagrams
• Solve problems.
Prepare IPO charts, pseudocodes and algorithms
on the following topics:
1.Write a structured algorithm to input the
name of a video tape, the date it was
borrowed, the rental fee charged and the
amount of money paid in. Compute the
amount of money due back to the borrower
and output it.
2. Write a structured algorithm that prompts the
user to input the name and price of an item
and the quantity purchased. It should print
the name, price, quantity and amount due
with appropriate labels.
3. Write a structured algorithm to print the user
to enter the prices for two different pay-per
view movies. Calculate the amount due and
output it with the following message:
“Amount due BBC Television Ltd”
4. Write a pseudocode algorithm to ask the user
to input the name of a student, the marks
he/she received in a test and the maximum
number of marks in the test. Calculate the
percentage marks the student received. Print
the information with suitable labels.