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Young and Handsome

Brianna Araya, Randy Cloke, and Ying Yan

● Selective, private research
Cannon university in Midwest.
● In the past 10 years, there has
University been a 20% rise in Latinx
undergraduate students
● Last year, LatinX students asked
for better support on campus.
Overview of Case Study
● CU created Latino Student Programs (LSP) to support the increase of Latinx
● Anthony, Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs was offered the position.
● Being a young professional, undergraduate students make references to his youthful
looks, making comments like “It’s great that CU hired a young and good looking
Latino administrator Everyone else here is old, and they don’t understand our
● Anthony’s first year in his new role was a success and he attributed the success to a
number of student leaders including Juana, a 21 year old senior, president of Latino
Alliance Group (LAG)
Overview of Case Study
● Juana often seeks out Anthony’s advice
● Throughout the year, Anthony sensed Juana has developed a crush on him given the
amount of time they spent together and her appearance at meetings.
● After realizing this, he had all remaining meeting in his office, with the door open
● A week after Juana’s graduation, Anthony ran into her at a local nightclub. Juana
asked him to dance, and he accepted.
● After two dances, they left the dance floor and Anthony saw two LAG student
leaders glancing over and whispering to each other.
Activity time:
Let’s count off by 3s….

Group 1: NASPA

Group 2: ACPA

Group 3: CAS

● In your group, use the provided case overview and ethical standards
to provide an argument for what Anthony should do and why.
Ethical Principles

“Abstain from sexual intimacies ● “We avoid conflicts of

“... individuals, ourselves
with clients or with students interest or the
and others, are responsible
for whom they have appearance thereof”
for their own behavior and
supervisory, evaluative, or ● “We take responsibility
instructional responsibility” for our actions and
(2.4) both support and
“Avoid conflicts of interests
empower an
“Discuss with students issues, or the appearance thereof”
attitudes, and behaviors that
“We work towards positive ● “We hold ourselves
have ethical implications”
and others
(2.11) and beneficial outcomes”
Discussion Questions
● Did you find anything about this case that made it easier or more difficult to apply
the ethical standards?
● Do you feel that Anthony should address the rising leaders he encountered at the
nightclub? Why or why not?
● Think back to Lee’s activity within the first few weeks of class: he asked questions
about different types of relationships with students/former students/colleagues.
Does this case study make you feel any differently about how you answered those
questions? Why or why not?