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•Content Management System is defined as a collection of data within which a

person with proper authorization can query, add or delete records and have
results displayed in a unified manner.

• Provides the Shared Repository.

•Also it is a software application or set of related programs that are used to

create and manage digital content.

• Also allows the user to communicate amongst themselves on offline basis.

•Also provides Data Analysis of the content within an organization which mainly
defines the process of process of modeling data with the goal of discovering
useful information, suggesting conclusions and supporting of decision-making
data analysis has multiple appropriates, encompassing diverse business, science
and social science domains.
 The aim of the Project is to share the data( images, doc files, pdf, excel files etc) on offline

 The main aim is that our system provide the whole security to any type of content within an

 As system is totally built at administrative end ,thus some Restrictions are being applied
within the contents which should be followed by the users.

 The aim of the system is to build an offline application program to reduce the manual work
for managing content, blogs, users, advertisements.

 The another aim of offline CMS system is to provide information accuracy by keeping the data
up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive.

 The main aim of our project is to implement data analysis where the data that is going to be
represented by a graph so as to understand how much data is being operated by the different
domains and how they are operated.
 It is Content based.

 Creating and changing issues that ease.

 User accounts to control the access and maintain security.

 Simple status and resolutions.

 Multilevel priorities and Severities.

 Attachments and additional Comments for more information .

 Various level of reports available with a lot of filter criteria 's

 Accuracy in work.

 Easy and fast retrieval of information.

 Decrease the load of the person involve in existing manual system.

 Access of any information individually.

 Work becomes very speedy.

 In offline CMS provides services like the sharing of the data without using the
internet .
 As we are using SME talk in our System which will keeps all the users in up to date within
an organization.
 Along with this there will also be data analysis done on the data that will be used by the
different domains in the system. The different data that is operated by the domains will
be represent with the help of graphs these graphs will be dynamic in nature.
 The One of the main in our Proposed System is that we are adding the chat header
which will help to all the users to be in touch with each other while connected in LAN
for some of the purpose within n organization.
 In our proposed system the security to overall content which is maintain to protect the
data which to overcome to the existing system where there was a lack of security .
•The ISS server is used to do the local hosting of the system.

•The Visual Basic is a platform which consists of different programming like HTML,
PHP,C#, java script, .NET etc.

•The My SQL server is a database server which is used to store all the information of
the users as well as the admin.
 In an organisation which can be summarised that the future scope of the project circles
around maintaining information regarding:

 We can add printer in the future.

 We can give more advanced software for the content management system including
more facilities.

 We will host the platform on online servers to make it accessible worldwide.

 Integrate multiple load balancers to distribute the loads of a system.

 Create the master and slave database structure for to reduce the word of the database

 Implement the backup mechanism for taking backup of the code base and database on
regular basis on the different servers.
 Our project is only have a humble venture to satisfy the need to manage their
project work. The objective of software plan is to provide a Framework that
enables a manager to make reasonable Contents made within a limited time
frame at the beginning of a software project and should be updated
regularly as the project progress.

 At the end it is concluded that we have made efforts on following points.

 We define the problem on which we are working in the project.

 We describe the requirement specification of the system and the action that
can be done on this things.

 We understand the problem domain and produce a model of system which

describe operations that can be performed on system.

 We included future and operation in detail including screen layouts.

 We design using paper and security issue related to system.

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