28-April 13. lived at the Spanish Legation at the invitation of Juan Perez de Caballero. studied Japanese language and drama (kabuki) . ³Tokyo is more expensive than Paris« streets are large and wide´.‡ (Feb. 1888): Land of the Cherry Blossoms. ³has the face of a Japanese but does speak Japanese´. fell in love with Seiko Usui (he called her O-Sei-San) ‡ Arrived at Yokohama then to Tokyo at Tokyo Hotel (March 2-7).

and one could safely leave money on the table in the hotel room. (3) picturesque dress. and (4) very few thieves ± houses remained open day and night.‡ Tokyo musicians: some were Filipinos (playing secondary instruments) ‡ Rizal¶s impression of Japan: (1) beauty of the country ± flowers. politeness & industry of the Japanese. streams & scenic panoramas. mountains. (5) beggars were rarely seen . (2) cleanliness.

has ever loved me´ (45 days) .‡ Romance with O-Shei-San (asked from the gardener and introduced himself to Seiko Usui. 23) became sweethearts ‡ On O-Sei-San: ³no woman. like you.

Alfred Charlton (1897). she married Mr. blessed with a daughter Yuriko who later married Yoshiharu Takiguchi.‡ O-Sei-San After Rizal¶s Departure: shortly after Rizal¶s execution. British chemistry teacher. a senator¶s son .

‡ died at 49 in 1896 . Tetcho resigned as editor of Tokyo newspaper Choya and was elected in 1890 as member of the lower house of the First Imperial Diet.‡ Rizal and Tetcho (on voyage to the US): acted as Tetcho¶s interpreter from Yokohama to SF to NY till London where they parted (8 months). ‡ ³proficient in 7 languages« at the age of 27´.