Marxism and the Media

a practical approach

Respond in pairs to the statement below


³We the public are controlled not by force or fear but through ideas.´



What truth is there in these statements?
The way we look, what we eat, what we buy, what we value, who we are all of these things are decided by the people who control our society. We may think we have choices but we don¶t. Everything has already been decided for us and we pay that tiny powerful minority very well to make these choices. Discuss then write notes to explain your response using examples.


To explore marxist theory through a practical response to current Media texts. To develop wider contextualised understanding of how one can apply marxist theory in our study.

Why should we consider Marxism as a way of analysing the media? We will begin by reading the section on Marxism in the course handbook.

‡ ‡
Once you have read the section, you must make a written response. In this try and put in your own words what you think Marxist theory as applied to the media is. This may be tough but it is a good way of getting to understand theory in your own terms.


Marxist Theorists
³Marxist theorists tend to emphasize the role of the mass media in the reproduction of the status quo.´ Which side of the theoretical ³In contrast to liberal pluralists who emphasize the role of the media in promoting freedom of speech.´


divide are you?

Marxist Theorists
‡ ³For Hall et al. the
mass media do tend to reproduce interpretations which serve the interests of the ruling class, but they are also 'a field of ideological struggle'.´ Agree or disagree?

‡ ‡
Clip1 In teams of two analyse with regard to the notion of µfalse consciousness¶ (check what this is in your handbook)

Write a paragraph


How does the narrative in this scene from The Matrix use Marxist ideology?

Home study
‡ ‡ ‡
Complete your Marxist analysis of the pill scene from The Matrix Attempt Marxist reading of ³Reality TV´. Research for MEST 4 extensive reading and evidence of your work posted on BLOGS by Wednesday.

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