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Building the Brand Part 3: Brand Developing

Section 3.1 : Basic Considerations

1. What is the Brand Promise?

-Working in the areas of Education and Healthcars.

2. What is the USP from other competitors?

-Salman Khan, himself being a brand.

- Unique Design and it does not imitate other premier brand

3. What is the word or phrase which can be easily

associated with the brand?

- Hope , Care and Love

4. What is the Tagline?

-Care, It’s more than just an Instruction on our Label.

5. What is the symbolic representation of the brand?

- It symbolizes Heart- which means giving love

Building the Brand Part 3: Brand Developing
Section 3.2 : Brand Strategy

1. Visibility: Charity Events, Fashion Show

and News Papers.
2. Uniqueness: Fashion with a Cause.
3. Credibility: MPSM and Veer Initiative
4. Value & Relevance:
5. Emotional Connection: A feel good factor
that is associated with the brand, which
helps you to contribute towards Charity.
Brand Strategy Brand Positioning
Price- Affordable Celebrity Brand
Emotion- Sense of care
Distribution- Online and Being Human
Personality- Commitment and Trust
Building the Brand Part 3: Brand Developing
Section 3.3 : Designing Brand Identity

Create a Brand Identity That Captures Your

Unique Value : Business Name, Logo &

To stick in the minds of the consumers, the following

components should be incorporated:

1. Business Name, Company Name: Being Human Clothing,

Marketed by Mandhana Industries.

2. Tagline: Care, Its more than just an instruction on our lable.

3. Logo:

The Brand Identity associates the

consumers with the value the brand