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Cognos Report studio Insertable Object pane Page. Query & Condition Explorer Object Property pane Work Area COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice .

Layout components can now be shared between reports. Page sets COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ . Class styles Crosstab Nodes and Crosstab Node Members Disconnected or disjoint crosstabs.Report studio New features ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Drill-up / drill-down. markers and notes. or crosstabs with unrelated columns. Conditional Rendering of Objects in Reports New µMember summary¶ and Report functions Creation of Query Studio Template Maps New Chart types added Drill behavior enabled in Charts Baselines.

Report Studio Overview ‡ Reports ± BI reports ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Lists Crosstabs Charts Repeater Maps Multi-Frame Drill up/down. through Freeform Layout Multi-Page COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice ± Complex Reports .

The layout options available in a list report are ‡ Headers and footers ± List header ‡ Once for each occurrence of the list ± Ex.List Reports List report shows data in rows and columns. on each page ± Overall header ‡ Once for the entire list ± ± ± ± Group header(s) Group footer(s) Overall footer List footer COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice . It is used to show detailed information.

Row edge defines the members listed on the left side of the crosstab .Column edge defines the members listed at the top of the crosstab .Cells contain the measure values Edges are composed of: Crosstab Node: a collection of Node Members and Nested Nodes Crosstab Node Member: a collection of data items that define members Measures are also valid parts of an edge.Crosstab Reports Crosstab reports are used to show information in a more compact form than in a grouped list. COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice . Crosstabs are composed of edges .

the measure used when the row/column edge does not define one .dropping a measure into the cells will set the default measure .Crosstab Reports Default measure: .Report Studio shows the default measure name in the crosstab corner COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice .

and one on the bottom.Crosstab Reports There are distinct drop zones within the crosstab allowing you to create very complex reports very easily.Every cell has 4 Drop Zones ±one on each side.And this drop zone to create peer objects ±unions. COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice . . one on the top. .We use this drop zone to create child objects. .

Crosstab Reports Use drag and drop to create many different Crosstab layouts using the Drop Zones Feature COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice .

Drill Through ‡Free Form layout ‡Conditional rendering ‡Maps ‡Totals at groups ‡ Row or column COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice .Crosstab Reports Crosstab reports features are as follows: ‡Multiple measures ‡Nested rows or columns ‡Multi Grain ‡Drill Up/Down .


Charts Charts are a graphical way of representing data. They reveal trends and relationships that are not evident in tabular reports. Bubble COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice . There are over 100 chart types and chart sub-types available ‡Column charts ‡Bar charts ‡Pareto ‡Line ‡Pie ‡Area ‡Point ‡Radial ‡Progressive Column ‡Progressive Bar ‡Gauge ‡Maps ‡Scatter.

Country. sale districts Display . additional map details to provide context to the reader such as grids and/or an ocean Maps COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice .color or size to map to compare values for cities. and notes. or State Point . plants. Maps are defined by layers: Region .Charts One can define drill up or down or drill through from elements in a chart. Maps Use Map Manager to design your own maps.color code areas on the map to compare values such as World. Charts can be enhanced by applying informational overlays such as baselines.


Summary and Cube elements are no longer there. ‡ Has more simplified structure than in the earlier version. COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice .Query ‡ Tabular. ‡ The Query model supports both RDBMS and OLAP data. It also supports Multi-Dimensional Expressions. Set Operations on Queries are defined in Query Explorer. ‡ One can have both a metadata (dimension/hierarchy/level) based and member based views of the dimensional data ‡ Joining queries (not Tables).

A slicer is a set of slicer member sets.In a crosstab. but not the rows or columns. . .multiple slicer member sets can not be created against the same dimension. Each slicer member set is an expression that returns a set of members from the same dimension.a child member of a report item can be added as a slicer.Query Filters ‡ Detail filters ‡ Summary filters ‡ Slicers . COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice . . a slicer is a filter that is applied to the cells of the crosstab.

Prompts Prompts are user interface controls to request user input. The features of prompts are as follows: ‡ Used for parameters in filters and calculations ‡ Optional and required ‡ Single and multiple values ‡ Multilingual ‡ Report Studio will default prompt type COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice .

Prompt Types ‡ Text Box Prompt ‡ Value Prompt ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Select & Search prompt Date prompt Time prompt Date/Time prompt Interval prompt Generated Prompt COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice .

Layout Objects The different layout objects available to create a report are: ‡Table ‡Block ‡Text ‡List ‡Crosstab ‡Chart ‡Map ‡Repeater ‡Bookmark ‡Html ‡Image ‡Hyperlink ‡Calculation ‡Filters ‡Prompt COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice .

Conditional Processing ‡ Conditional highlighting based on variables ‡ Conditional text based on multilingual variables ‡ Conditional Blocks ‡ Conditional Rendering: ‡ object not rendered based on variable ‡ as if the object does not exist (versus exists but transparent or hidden) ‡ most useful to hide a column in a list ‡ supported on: ‡ Block. Table. Repeater Table. Chart. COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice . hyperlink. hyperlink button. Repeater. prompts. and so on. HTML item. List. field set. Crosstab. Text item. Repeater Table Cell. image. List column.

Shared Layout Components Report Studio¶s use of Shared Layout Components: ‡ The layout components can be shared across reports ‡ The layout component can be updated at run-time or design time: ‡ Each time the report is run it fetches the latest page header and uses it ‡ Update the page header only when the Report Studio user elects to do so ‡ Layout Component Cache COGNOS 8BI TOOLS BI Practice .