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Brooke Bird, Riley Cable, Riley
Ramos, Milton Adams
Heading Font
Name (First Name and Last Name) Times New Roman
12 Point
Teacher (Mr. or Mrs.) Spacing
Class (Subject) Double Spacing

Date (Day Month Year)

Heading (Upper Left Hand Corner)

In the upper right corner (Last name, Page)

Margins Example
1 Inch Margin

Title is the same font and size as the rest of the

The title is NOT bolded and NOT underlined

Works Cited
Basic Formatting Example
Works Cited
1. When doing works cited, it gets its own page Dean, Cornelia. "Executive on a Mission: Saving the
at the end of your work.
Planet." The New York Times, 22 May 2007,
2. It gets the same header, font, and 1 inch

3. Make sure it is set to double spacing, but .html?_r=0. Accessed 12 May 2016.
don’t skip spaces in between entries. Ebert, Roger. Review of An Inconvenient Truth,
4. Indent the second and subsequent lines. This
directed by Davis Guggenheim., 1
creates a hanging indent.
5. List pages efficiently, and know that if the June 2006,

article is within multiple pages you show inconvenient-truth-2006. Accessed 15 June 2016.

that. (ex.245-250).
6. All works cited ends with period(.)
Works Cited
Other sources
Books When doing a personal interview just use their name
Use commas instead of periods between (last, first) , then write personal interview, and then
write the date.
the publisher, publication date, and
Ex. Smith, Jane. Personal interview. 19
pagination. May 2014.
A medium is not necessary. If it is a speech or oral presentation, give the
author’s name, then do the title, if there is one,
Containers are no longer necessary for continue with the specific name of the conference or
MLA. meeting. After that then name the venue and a
DOIs are used instead of URLs. description of the presentation.
Use the phrase “Accessed” instead of the Ex. Stein,Bob. “Reading and Writing in
the Digital Era.” Discovering Digital
abbreviation “n.d.” Dimensions, Computers and Writing
Conference, 23 May 2003, Union Club
Hotel, West Lafayette, IN. Keynote
In-Text Citations
MLA uses Parenthetical Citation Example
Parenthetical citation is the method of placing “I like chicken nuggets.” (Adams 157)
relevant source information in parentheses after a
quote. “I like chicken nuggets.” (Adams)

“I like chicken nuggets.” (157)

Above are all valid ways to cite a quote in the text

using parenthetical citation.
In-Text Citation
In-text citations for print sources In-text citations for print sources with
with known author. no known author.

For sources like magazines and books, the If no known author, use a shortened version of the
writer should provide a single word or phrase, title of the work. Place the title in “” and provide a
usually the author's last name, and a page #. page number.

In-text citations for print sources Ex. I LOVEE chicken nuggets. (“I love chicken” 145)
by a corporate author.

Instead of using an author's name, use the

corporation's name. Also use abbreviations if
In-Text Citations
Author-page citation for classic and Citing authors with same last names
literary works with multiple editions If using sources from two different authors with the same
If multiple editions of the work exist, put page # and last name, use the first initial of both authors in
the appropriate abbreviations for said edition. parentheses.

Ex. “Milton loves chicken” (145; vol.2) Citing works by multiple authors
List both authors last names in parentheses. If there are
three or more authors, list only first authors last name and
replace the rest with “et. all”
In-Text Citations
Citing multiple works by the same author Citing Indirect Sources

If citing multiple works by the same author, include a Use “qtd. Then indicate the source you actually used
shortened version of the title that you are quoting after.
from and a page number.
Citing non-print or internet sources
Citing multivolume works Only provide the text that you are taking from and the
If citing a multivolume work, include the provide domain of the website.
volume number then a semi-colon, then page
number(s). Multiple Citations
Citing the Bible Cite both in the same parenthetical but separate the
Make sure to give what version of the Bible you are citations by a semicolon.
using, followed by book, chapter, and verse.
Changes from the 7th to 8th

7th Edition MLA edition8th Edition MLA
There are multiple ways of citing for ● There is only 1 way to write citations for all
different types of sources. different mediums due to the way the info is
Ex: Book, Magazine, Website received.
Changes from the 7th to 8th

7th Edition MLA
Pseudonyms, abbreviations, and urls were ●
8th Edition MLA
You can use pseudonyms for the author’s
not acceptable and could not be included name in the works cited (online names,
into the works cited page. nicknames), along with abbreviations and
urls. Example: Twitter/Social media handles

● The publisher and city of publication were

● The publisher is no longer needed for some
included in all types of source citations.
formats, and the city of publication is no
longer needed at all since it’s unnecessary.
Works Cited

EasyBib Explains MLA 8 vs MLA 7. EasyBib, Chegg,

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue (OWL). Welcome to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL),