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DRM Merge Analysis - Detail

Discussion Document

September 29, 2014

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DRM Process - HFM

DRM HFM Application

Add Base Linked EBS Other HFM

EBS CDC members
Hierarchies Hierarchies Metadata


DRM Process – Planning / Management Reporting
DRM Planning Application


EBS CDC Unknown Parent

Planning Main

Account / Project

Planning Main

Planning artifacts changes
• CDC SQL views updated
– Inserts same members that were added to base to the planning hierarchies

• All Members renamed in DRM*** –

– Applied a prefix “PLN_” to all the Planning upper level members
– Planning member names changed as per HFM member names
• New properties were created
– Replaced all the core properties
– Derive the Planning member names from HFM member names
• Updates made to exports and validations
• Blended the hierarchy using Blenders

*** Planning member names remain the same in the planning and reporting applications

DRM Process – HFM and Planning/MR (Merged)

DRM HFM Application

Add Base Linked EBS Other HFM

EBS CDC members
Hierarchies Hierarchies Metadata

Linked EBS 1

Planning updated hierarchies

Manual 1 Planning
1 Metadata

Approach for DRM version merge - suggested
• Migrate the properties, property categories, exports, validations and Blenders
• Import the Planning version(with the changed names) into HFM application
• Create backups of the HFM version
• Blend the Planning version into HFM version using the blenders
• Import the action script to update planning flags for lev0 Entity - Company hierarchy
• Add the following members to respective base hierarchies manually
– C_11004, I_1182, I_1431, E_1080, E_5281, E_1120, E_9981, E_9998, E_1097, I_4141
• Take backup of the SQL views for the Cost Center, Entity and Products
• Update the SQL views related to CDC process to include planning hierarchy CDC updates

• EBS members will be linked and if company/Entity level 0 is removed from one hierarchy then it gets
removed from other place as well
• The EBS members should never be deleted from any of the hierarchies
• Any manual addition/update of the EBS members by one team should be communicated to other team – if
at all
• Insert the EBS Projects and Accounts into the planning Project and Measures from Base hierarchies
• Planning member properties should be updated in planning hierarchies
• New nomenclature for new DRM Planning members should be followed
– New members (not coming from EBS) should be added with prefix “PLN_”

• New CDC process needs to be executed 3 times a day.

Questions base
• Q1 There are 10 members that we were unable to find in HFM-DRM. Need to analyze if they will be
imported in next CDC run or there is some other reason for them to be not in HFM-DRM? Except for
CO4141, these will not be loaded to HFM. There has not been any historical data for these entities, so
they were never loaded. Also, the elim entities do not exist in HFM, so they were never loaded.
• Q2 Are the EBS members added to any other hierarchy other than base? Please confirm that CDC
process updates only the base hierarchies. No, only base
• Q3 How do you update the Entity - EMC hierarchy? Is it maintained manually in DRM? It is
manually maintained in DRM and deployed to HFM.
• Q4 Do you use sort order (core property) for HFM? We don't for most dimensions, but it seems as if
when HFM was implemented there was a sort order for some of the dimensions. We have not changed it.
• Q5 How are the members added to non-Base HFM hierarchies from Base hierarchy? It would help if
the Planning team can also get the list of members that were updated in the base hierarchies. The non-
Base hierarchies are updated with the new members manually using the compare utility in DRM.

Next Steps
• Get approval on the approach
• Get confirmation that HFM hierarchies/properties are intact post merge in Dev1
• Get views on the final cutover plan
• Test the CDC process – in Dev1
• Perform end to end testing on Planning side
• Update documentation – TDD, Admin and Migration documents