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ACES - Highlights Mission Mode Project of Govt. of India Centralized Web-based, Workflow-based System Complete End-to-End Solution Major Processes in Central Excise & Service Tax covered Enabled to accept Digitally-signed Documents

Jaipur. Roll out in 24 Commissionerates in November. Delhi etc. Bengaluru. Chennai.Present Status of ACES Pilot Roll Out in December 2008/ March 2009 in 6 Commissionerates (LTU Bengaluru. Belapur. BhubaneswarII) Next Phase Roll out in September/ October. LTU Chennai. Hyderabad. 2009 Plan to roll out in all India by December. ST Chennai. 2009 in remaining Commissionerates . Coimbatore. 2009 in 25 Commissionerates including Ahmedabad.

ACES Central Excise Registration Returns Provisional Assessment Refunds Dispute Resolution Accounting Audit Claims and Intimations Exports Modules Service Tax Registration Returns ST3A Refunds Dispute Resolution Accounting Audit .

INTERFACE  INCOME TAX Verification of PAN  EASIEST Verification of Payment Particulars (GAR 7 Challans) from Banks through NSDL  ICES (Indian Customs EDI System) Verification of Export Related Processes .

Know the Status of documents online. Track.Benefits to Assessees Uniformity of Process across India Internal Messaging / Alert System Assesses can File.ACES . Instant e-acknowledgement Online Registration and Amendments and E-filing of Returns Single Window Service .E-payment Reduce Physical Interface with Department All these services come free of cost . View.

Facilities available to Assessee View ledger account details Amend registration details File refund claims File returns Intimations and sundry applications Assessees Registration File export documents Provisional assessment requests View audit reports Respond to show cause notices File appeals .

Alpha-Numeric .EM/ED/SD 13-15 .REGISTRATION Two Types of Registration Registration with ACES as User ( only for new assessee) Registration with the Department as Assessee ( for all assesees) On-line Registration for new assessee Existing Assessee New Assessee LTU Assessee Non-Assessee New Registration Structure 10 PAN 11-12 .

T012345678) An email message with details for accessing ACES will be sent to the email Id of the Assesses with a hyperlink to connect the User Name Creation Screen in ACES.g. .Existing Assesses Procedure to access ACES Existing Assessee not to take fresh registrations SACER/SAPS contains details of Email Ids of the Existing Assesses For all the Existing Assesses. The format of TPIN would be T + 9 digit number (e. the system would generate TPINs (Temporary Personal Identification Number) and passwords for initial access to the application.

Contd Assessee uses the hyperlink provided and clicks on it A screen opens up. the Assessee should contact the Range SP for early resolution . in which the assessee fills in the t-pin & password provided and chooses a new user-id and password User-id once selected cannot be changed Now assessee can login into ACES Note-1: Assessee should also check Spam or Bulk Mail Note-2: In case of difficulty (Scenario 2 / 3 above).


the following scenarios are possible :  Scenario 1 : The message reaches the correct email id of the assessee  Scenario 2 : The message bounces back from the email id. which does not exist Scenario 3 : The message reaches the email id of a person who is not/ no longer associated with the assessee .What Next ? After this message is sent by ACES on the basis existing in SACER/SAPS data base.

.Admin or the jurisdictional officer corrects the email id of assessee and regenerates the password the TPIN and newly generated password is mailed automatically to the new email ID.Action for the non receipt of email The assessee may not receive TPIN in following situations e-Mail ID is not available e-Mail ID is incorrect Procedure The assessee intimates non receipt of email and furnishes the correct email ID to the concerned jurisdictional officer. Comm.

gov. Password can be changed . User ID once selected is Permanent. This Screen enables creation of User Name(ID) & Password (given by the User) after entry of valid E-mail ID and other basic details of the person registering with the ACES Select the hyperlink ³New Users to Click Here to Register with ACES´ to go for Creation of User Name.Registration Procedure for New Assessee (Registrant) User to access ACES application by clicking http:/www.aces.

ACES Home Page Login for C. Assessee Login for Service Tax Assessee .Ex.

New Assessee to Click here .

Alphanumeric Name coined / given by the User Email Id of the User for future correspondence from ACES .


Once registered with ACES Application. the hyperlink Login would enable the person to go into the Application.Registration Procedure for New AssesseeContd . A2. A3. Select Registration Module -> Option Fill Form Fill Form A1. Declarant in case of Central Excise Fill ST-1 form in case of Service Tax This will enable Online filing of Application Form for Registration with Department .

Menu to Access A1/A2/A3/De clarant form Registration as Assessee .

A-1 Form PAN Validated against IT Database. Jurisdiction is entered .



Registration of Non-Assessee Applicable to persons such as Merchant Exporters Persons other than Registered Assessees who wish to file refund claims Co-noticees in Departmental proceedings Persons who have failed to obtain CE/ST registration and against whom the Department has initiated proceedings Persons who are required to tender any payment to the Dept .

Registration of Non-Assessee Contd. Mandatory to have Assessee Code for making payments through banks Non-Assessee Codes to be passed on to banks through NSDL for enabling the person to make the payment Non-Assessee Code not a statutory registration but required to recognise as an User of ACES Code can be generated by the Non-Assessee or by Departmental Officer by filling-in a form PAN or Non-PAN based but for refunds PAN is mandatory .

Notification. Period of Return.E-filing of Returns On-line Filing of Self-Assessed Returns Off-line Downloadable Utilities Available at ACES website ACES validates Registration No. who can view the reviewed return . CETSH. Message regarding modification to be sent to assessee. Rates of Duty Status of Returns Uploaded. Filed or Rejected Returns verified with GAR 7 Challan Details obtained through EASIEST CE Returns with errors marked for Review and Correction by Superintendent.

Intimations and Permissions Permission for multiple invoices.Claims. intimation usage. cancellation & authorized issuer of invoices Application for Remission of Duty Application for permission to pay duty and remove final products from job workers premises Application for availing the benefit of SSI exemption Application for Transfer of CENVAT Credit Application for Permission to remove semi-finished goods for certain purposes Record Maintenance Account of Removal Application of Procurement of Excisable Goods at Concessional Rate of Duty Intimation for monthly return for removal of Goods at Concessional rate of duty Intimation regarding receipt of imported goods at Concessional rate of duty Application for permission to remove excisable goods for carrying out tests .

Order for Provisional Assessment issued online by Department Facility to file Provisional Assessment extension requests online by Assesses. Provisional Assessment finalization order issued online Details of B 1 bond captured into ACES .Provisional Assessment Facility to file Provisional Assessment requests online by Assesses.

Dispute Resolution Online issue of Show Cause Notices by Department Facilitates Assesses to file reply online Intimation for date of Personal Hearing is sent online. . Facility to Assesses provided to file appeal online with Commissioner Appeals. Online issue of Order in Originals and Commissioner Appeal Orders by Department.

. Passing of Refund Orders online by Department Filing appeals online with Commissioner Appeals if Assessee is aggrieved.Refunds Facility for assesses to file Refund Claims online Online issue of notices by Department Online reply to notices by Assesses.

CT1. Nepal invoice.CT2. ARE2.Exports ACES provides online filing of documents for various categories of exporters like merchant exporter. manufacturer exporter.CT3. Procurement Certificate etc End to End Export cycle-From procurement to warehousingexport is covered ACES has Interface with ICES Customs for receiving proof of exports online . EOU and Export warehouse Bond details captured online and Debit and credit entries of Bond automated Online filing of AREI.

servicedesk@icegate.00 AM to A ticket is opened and closed only when the issue is resolved Acknowledgement of the complaint lodged sent to the Email Id of the Assessee Resolution of Problems communicated Monitoring through specially developed software program & Resolution of Problems communicated Provision for escalation of problems to appropriate technical teams for effective resolution .gov.ACES Service Desk Toll Free Number 1800 425 4251. Available from 9.00 PM on working days Complaint can also be E-mailed to aces.

ACES Help LMS. FAQs are available in ACES website under Help Section Learning Management Software of Registrations. User Manual. Claims & Intimations Frequently Asked Questions General ACES Brochure giving details of various features of ACES is available on the website . Claims & Intimations. Returns. Exports User Manuals Registrations. Provisional Assessments.


Requirements PC with Internet Email Id .

List of Banks for e-Payment .