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Adolf Hitler

Hitler's early life

• Hitler lived in Austria-Hungary and moved to Germany when he was three.
• Hitler had a very intense relationship with his father due to differences
between the two.
• Later on, he applied to two art schools in high school and later got rejected
• During this time, Vienna was of religious prejudice and racism which Hitler
came to agree with.
Hitler's opinions and thoughts

• Hitler admired powerful nationalistic governments and made military

alliances with both century's in the 1930s.
• He restored Germany to greater economic power and military power.
• He thought Aryans were more superior than any other person, he especially
hated Jews. He had an eye for people who were white blond Americans.
Training for war
• In 1913 Hitler moved to Munich, he had run for Austrian military service in
February 1914.
• When world war I broke out, he petitioned as Bavarian King Louis III so he
would be allowed to serve.
• Soon, he was notified that he would be permitted to join the 16th Bavarian
Reserve Infantry Regiment.
World War II
• The invasion of formal German territories was the event that led to World
war II.
• He saw Jews as an enemy to German expansion, so he sent troops to the
• The people who invaded the territories, were then brought to concentration
camps where it would be easy to kill for the German army. He ordered the
death of 6 million Jews and the war expanded.