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Career Discovery

Fall 2013
Andrew Seguel
Career Services

puzzles. Career Discovery John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt •I prefer to •I love •I’m pretty •I want to be keep to biology and handy with able to enjoy myself and chemistry computers my life outside enjoy quiet and want to and I’m my of work with activities like help people. person. • Introverted • Medicine • Technology • Work-Life Balance Self Assessment Career Career Career Career • Accountant • Physician • Computer • Web Designer Engineer . friends’ tech family and Personality crossword Interests Skills support Values friends.

. etc. Research Extracurricular Activities that Interest You Opportunities. Become Involved in Departments of Majors Internships. Summer Jobs. Career Discovery Get Experience! Interview Professionals Visit the Environment Job Shadow Do 5 Things Daily You Join a Student Go to a Professional Love to Do Organization on Campus Association Meeting Find Volunteer Visit Academic Experiences.

Career Discovery Seek Advice! The likelihood of you doing something increases from 40% to 95% if you agree to report back to someone! .

Career Discovery Let’s Figure This Out Together! Your Role Your Role Your Role • Schedule an • Speak with • Network to learn appointment via professors about about careers CareerKnight your education: • Intern/Volunteer = • Follow up with what you’re Get experience! recommendations learning and what career paths exist My Role My Role • Work with • Career assessments My Role employers to • Provide info about • Collaborate with provide you with matching majors & professors to opportunities to careers ensure what you’re network and work • Help develop your learning is career • Prepare you to action plan. relevant network & apply to internships Career Services Faculty Employers .

Interests. Career Discovery Summary Self Assessment Knowing Personality. Yourself Values A Career You’re Passionate About Knowing Experience the World of Work . Skills.