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Social Structure

 Queen

 Drones Ant
 Female worker Cycle
 Alates
•Winged Queen
(female alate)

•Wingless Queen
•Winged Drone
(male alate)

•Wingless Drone in a colony

Female Workers
Ant Cycle
Nuptial Flight

Daily Life New Colony

Nuptial Flight
New Colony
•Queen ant digging to make a new

•New colony established

Daily Life
Interesting Fact
•The queen may choose
to fertilize eggs at will by
using the sperm cells
retained from the nuptial
flight, which will
create female worker
ants instead of males.
Ant Nest
Making Ant Nest
 Queen digging

• Making from pellets

Exploration & Looking for Food

 No sense of sight

 Can only smell

Two Ways of Exploring
 Walking Randomly

• Walking Randomly
Recruitment Ability
 Able to invite other ants

 Used when food is found

 Marking tracks using


 Stop marking when food

Additional Fact
 Ants can become zombies