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Superintendent of the #1 School in Detroit and a

Change Agent for Schools to go from
Failure to Success
Consultant for Charter
• Works with Boards to execute
Schools: Education school missions and strategies,
and Operations plans, and budgets
CLIENTS • Develops priority plans, academic
performance measures,
Cornerstone Education Group-Detroit
management controls and critical
success factors
Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse of Detroit • Develops staff organizations to
provide appropriate policy and
Great Lakes Academy-Pontiac, MI
• Mentor staff and leadership to
ensure sustainability of leadership
and management of the schools
President and CEO
• Created excellent, measurable
Cornerstone Private education model
Schools Detroit, MI • Students scored above grade level in
Schools in the Cornerstone Private core content areas of study
School District:
• Combined both business and
Metropolitan Campus education methodology for excellent
daily operations
Redford Campus • Founded the CSA Teacher Training
Grove Campus
• Supervised the establishment of
Iroquois Campus quality systems for Education and
Operations for ISO 901 Certification
Nevada Campus
Consulting and
Professional • Parents: Raising and Educating
Development Successful Children
Cornerstone Schools Association
• Building a Learning Community
CEG Charter Schools • Establishing a Culture of
Interdependence and
The Hoboken Head’s Conference
College Preparation MI Association
• How to get the best testing results
College Admissions Conference/Private
and Public Schools by Understanding Standardized
Student Test Data
Innovators Education Conference/Charter
Michiganian of the Year
Salvatori Prize for American
Citizenship Award
The State of Michigan Education
Excellence Award
Outstanding Education Award,
College of Education-Michigan State
The Skillman Foundation Award for
Leadership of a High Performing
Education and Measurable Accomplishments
Indiana University BS English
Michigan State University MA Educational Leadership
Consulting with a school go from
Michigan State University PhD Course Work Completed FAILURE to SUCCESS
• Success Measures: • In one short year, LKA gained 19
• Cornerstone Schools named percentage points in
Number One School in Detroit mathematics and reading
by the Skillman Foundation • In the Fall of 2017 LKA is
• Officially off of the Priority List of
troit/index.ssf/2010/03/video_d Failing Schools!