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Telephone talk- Making a Referral

a. Inform your identity
b. Inform the situation
c. Inform the patient condition.
d. Inform the equipment that may need for
Nurse : Good morning. The emergency Care
Unit of Ketileng Hospital here.
What can I do for you?
Midwife : Good morning. I am midwife Elliana
from Maternity Clinic Mutiara Bunda.
I will make referrals for patients with
the case of bad preeclampsia and
horizontal position of the fetus. Please,
provide the caesarian sectio operating
room. I will arrive within 30 minutes.
Nurse : Yes, midwife. We will prepare immediately.
Midwife : Thank you.
Introducing District Nurse Role
• District nurses play a crucial role in the primary
healthcare team. They visit people in their own
homes or in residential care homes, providing
increasingly complex care for patients and
supporting family members.

As a district nurse, you'll :

 assess the healthcare needs of patients and families
 monitor the quality of care they're receiving
 be professionally accountable for its delivery
Helping patients with Activities of
Daily Living
Managing Embarassing Moment
Reading Medication Labels

6 Principals Giving the Medicine

1. Patient identifier
4. Route
2. Drug/Medication
5. Frequency
3. Dose
6. Documentation
Common Route Abbreviations

• PO (by mouth)
• PR (per rectum)
• IM (intramuscular)
• IV (intravenous)
• ID (intradermal)
• TP (topical)
• IC (Intracutant)
• SL (sublingual)
Common Frequencies Abbreviations

• daily (no abbreviation)

• every other day (no abbreviation)
• BID/b.i.d. (Twice a Day)
• TID/t.i.d. (Three Times a Day)
• QID/q.i.d. (Four Times a Day)
• QHS (Every Bedtime)
• Q4h (Every 4 hours)
• Q4-6h (Every 4 to 6 hours)
• QWK (Every Week)
English Phrases in Medicine Packaging

Shake well before use Composition

Do not accept if the seal is


Replace cap after use Made in

Use by
Keep refrigerated
Expired / exp.
/ expired date
English Phrases in Medicine Packaging

Teaspoon / tsp Dosage

Three times daily Suggested use

After meal / before meal Age

Keep away from children




Patient identifier