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• Grouping

topic and description

presentation video
• Participating

• Deadline: 19 Jan (Fri)

per group

• Deadline: 26 Jan (Fri)

5 points
(others subject to teacher’s approval)
Using Evernote or OneNote Introduction to a productivity tool

Internet of things Discuss its potential

Debates Over Amendments to the

Discussion of a hot-debated issue in HK recently
Copyright Ordinance in HK

Creative Commons Introduction to a digital copyright licensing model and support

Crowd Funding Discussion of a new online project funding model and phenomenon

Online collaboration tool Introduction to an online collaboration tool (e.g., Google docs, Microsoft Sharepoint, Trello

Open Source and Open Data Discussion of a development model and licensing model in the IT era

MOOC eLearning Massive Open Online Course: distance e-learning provided by Coursera, edX, etc.

Internet TV Discussion of the phenomenon, market, transitions and revenue model of network TV
Introduction to augmented reality: opportunities provided, concerns, and introduction to
Augmented Reality
products such as MS Hololens, Oculus, Morpheus, etc.
Introduction to a productivity tool: IF This Then That and DO for automation and

AI Applications Discuss how AI are used or can be used

Blockchain Applications of Blockchain (besides crypto currency)

• Select Design propose NEW IDEAs

• Select study
Phase 3

• Without infringing copyright

• Acknowledge the source

Phase 3
Phase 3
• Deadline: Friday of Week 8 (try to upload the video
few days earlier to avoid competing for bandwidth)


each student individually

• Deadline: 20 Apr 2018

• In-class: attendance and participation in tutorials (5%)
• Out-class: online e-learning activities (5%)
(viewing, rating and commenting all other groups work)

• Presentation on selected topics 40%

• Forming group and submitting topic/desc (5%)
• Video project and tutorial presentation (30%)
• Peer assessment (rating by peers online) (5%)
19 Jan (Friday of week 2)

26 Jan (Friday of week 3)

9 Mar (Friday of week 8)

19 Mar and 20 Apr
• Lighting

volume and clarity

camera stand
larger font
citation reference
• Video file
• Size
• Bit-rate
• MPEG-4/ H.264
• First choice ITSC Learning Commons


best: after 20:00

• Test and check your work