Are you happiest when you get involved in some project that call for rapid action


2. Do you like going out a lot ? Would you prefer a job involving change, travel and variety even though risky and insecure


Do you like planning things well ahead of Line ?


Do you sit calmly when You are watching a race or competitive sport '?


Do you like to have time to he alone with your thoughts ?


Are you inclined to be overconscientious ?


Do you become restless when working at something in which there is little activity?


Do you often need understanding friends to cheer you up ?

10. Do you quite enjoy taking risks

11. Do you usually make up your mind quickly ?

12. If you are watching a slapstik film or farcial play do you laugh louder than most of the people around you ?

13. Do you frequently pause just to rneditate about things in general ?

14. Are you normally on time for appointments ?

15. When climbing stairs do you usually take them two at a time ?

16. Generally, do you prefer reading to meeting people

17. Do you lock up your house carefully at night ?

18. Do you often change your interests

19. Is your anger quick find short ?

20. Do you often philosophize about the purpose of human existence ?

21. Do you live by the maxim that that a job worth doing is worth doing well ?

22. When you are driving in a car, do you get very frustrated by slow-moving traffic ?

23. Are you fairly talkative when you are with a group of people ?

24. Do you think that young children should have to learn to cross roads by themselves ?

25. Before making up your mind, do you carefully consider all the advantages and disadvantages

26. Does a sentimental film easily move you to tear ?

27. Do you often try to find the underlying motives for the actions of other people

28. Can you always be fully relied upon '?

29. Are you inclined to be slow ,And deliberate in your actions ?

30. Can you usually let yourself go and have a good time at a party

31. When the odds are against you, do you still usually think it worth take a chance

32. Do you often buy things on impulse ?

33. Are you able to maintain outer calm In the face of an emergency ?

34. Would you rather read the sports page than the editorial leaders in a newspaper ?

35. Are you inclined to live each day, it comes along ?

36. Do you usually finish your meals faster than other people even though there is no reason to hurry ?

37. Do you hate being with a crowd who play practical jokes on one another ?

38. When you are catching a train, do you often arrive at the last minute ?

39. Do you know what you will be doing on your next holiday ?

40. Do you get very upset When watching documentaries about living conditions in less fortunate countries ?

41. Do you seldom stop to analyse your own thoughts and feelings ?

42. Do you often leave things to the last minute ?

43. Do other people regard you as a very lively person ?

44. Do you like talking to people so much that you never miss a chance of talking to a stranger?

45. Would life with no danger in it be too dull for you ?

46. Can you make decisions quickly

47. Would you saythat your temper is well controlled ?

48. Are you keen about learning things even though they may have no relevance to your everyday life -?

49. Do you have a tendency to 'let thing slide' occasionally'

50. Are you always 'on the go' when not actually sleeping

51. If you were making a business enquiry would you rather write than discuss it on the telephone?

52. Do you save regularly ?

53. Do you often get into a jam because you do things without thinking ?

54. Are you so carried away by music that you are usually compelled to conduct or dance in time with it ?

55. Do you like tosolve 'brain teasers'

56. Do you have difficulty applying yourself to work that requires sustained concentration ?

57. Do you like organizing and initiating leisure-time activities ?

58. Do you enjoy spending long periods of time by yourself ?

59. Would yo u enjoy fast driving ?

60. Do you generally do and say things without stopping to think ?

61. Do you prefer early classical music to swinging jazz ?

62. Do you frequently become so involved with a question or problem that you have to keep thinking about it until you arrive at a satisfactory solution ?

63. Does it often take you a long time to get started on something ?

64. Are you generally very enthusiastic about starting a new project or undertaking ?

65. Are you relaxed and self-confident in the company of other people ?

66. Would you make quite sure you had another job before giving up your old one

67. Do you usually think carefully before doing anything ?

68. Do you like to play pranks on other people ?

69. If you have been to see a play or film do you like to go over it in your mind for a long time afterwards ?

70. Do you often forget little things that you are supposed to do

71. when you are walking do people have difficulty keeping up with you

72. Are you more distant and reserved than most people

73. Do people who drive carefully annoy you ?

74. Would you rather plan things than do things ?

75. Do you subscribe to the philosophy of 'Eat drink, and be rnerry for tomorrow we die'

76. Are you frequently so lost in thought that you do not notice what is going on around you

77. Are you ordinarily carefree person ?

78. At work or at play, do other people find it hard to keep up with the pace you set ?

79. Do you like mixing with lots of other people ?

80. Are you rather cautious in novel situations ?

81. Are you an impulsive person

82. Do you tell your friends what you think is wrong with them

83. Do you ever walk across the you street against a red light ?

84. Would you enjoy writing a critical discussion of a book or article ?

85. Are you inclined to rush from one activity to another without pausing for rest ?

86. Do you easily make new friends with members of your own sex ?

87. Would you do almost anything for a dare ? 88. Do you prefer activities that just happen to those planned in advance

89. If you were visiting Rio de Janeiro/Goa during carnival time would you rather observe the festivities than participate in them 90. Do you react to new ideas that you come across by analysing them to see how they fit in with your own point of view ?

91. Would you say that generally you have a serious and responsible attitude towards the world

92. Do you often find yourself hurrying to get to places even when there is plenty of time ?

93. Do you like to tell jokes and stories to groups of friends ?

94. When buying things, do you usually examine the guarantee ?

95. When you meet new people, do you very quickly decide whether you like them or not ?

96. Are you usually among the last to stop clapping after the end of a concert or stage performances

97. Have you ever tried to write poetry ?

98. Are you considered an easy-going person ?

99. Are you frequently lacking in energy and motivation to do things


Do you enjoy talking and playing with young children ?

101. Do you think people spend too much time safeguarding their future with savings and insurances


Do you often do things on the spur of the moment ?

103. Do you find it easy to discuss intimate and personal matters with other members of your family ?


Would you enjoy working on a project that involved a great deal of library research ?

If you say you will do something do you always keep your promise no matter how inconvenient it might turn out to be

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