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Klasifikasi Gudang

Logistik Bisnis
Manajemen Pergudangan
In general warehouse classified on the basis of:

 Ownership of Warehouse
 Operational Warehouse


Classification Warehouse

Private General Merchandise For

Warehouse Manufactured Goods

Ownership Refrigerated or Cold

Warehouse Storage Warehouse
Public Bonded Warehouse

Households Goods Warehouse

Special Commodity Warehouse

Bulk Storage Warehouse

Plant or Bus Warehouse

Distribution Center

Manajemen Pergudangan
1. Classification To be based On Ownership Warehouse

 Private Warehouse is woke up warehouse by self or

obtained warehouse by leasing
 Public Warehouse is obtained warehouse from renting or
contracting from other party to be utilized by goods put

Manajemen Pergudangan
Type Public Warehouse which commonly use.

 General Merchandise For Manufactured Goods

 Refrigerated or Cold Storage Warehouse
 Bonded Warehouse
 Households Goods Warehouse
 Special Commodity Warehouse
 Bulk Storage Warehouse

Manajemen Pergudangan
a. General Merchandise For Manufactured

Warehouse usual to be utilized by

manufacturer, distributor, or customer for
put away to assorted product type

Manajemen Pergudangan
b. Refrigerated or Cold Storage Warehouse

 Type warehouse to supply storage place product which

can to be controlled by his temperature
 In general utilized for put away perishable goods or
product requiring selected temperature for the endurance
kept goods in bond usually:
 Natural product, for example fruit, vegetable or marine
 Factory result, for example chemicals

Manajemen Pergudangan
c. Bonded Warehouse

Warehouse which usual to be utilized by

Bea Cukai institute for the put away of
goods during goods ( import goods) still in
quarantine phase, management of
document enter or the payment Bea enter
to a country

Manajemen Pergudangan
d. Households Goods Warehouse
 is utilized by individual

 For the put away of household goods before or

after utilized

There are some depository alternative types, that

is :
 Open Storage
 Private Room or Vault Storage
 Container Storage

Manajemen Pergudangan
e. Special Commodity Warehouse
 allotted special in selected commodity by one handling
special to product, for example paddy, cotton and wool
 Special commodity warehouse usually have characteristic :
 Gathering facility from various source of supply, for then
sold to an selected market
 Place of put away for the duration of selected
 Commodity kept in measure selected
 In general warehouse completed with additional facility, for
example paddy milling machine or grist, machine of press
cotton etc

Manajemen Pergudangan
f. Bulk Storage Warehouse
 Warehouse this type of is usually utilized for good
bulk products in form of liquid and dry in large size
then broken or divided into smaller measure
Example : ordinary product utilize facility kinds of is
chemicals, coal, iron sand, etc.
 Facility which was usually provided by bulk
storage warehouse is :
 Tank to liquid product
 Open repository but hidden for dry product

Manajemen Pergudangan
2. Classification Pursuant to Operational
 Plant or Bus Warehouse;
 More utilized to support inbound logistic.
 Nearby with supplier or nearby with process of
 Functioning consolidation material or goods
from various supplier, before enter into
process of manufactur
 Distribution Center;
 is utilized to support outbound logistics, from various
manufacturer or from various factory location, to
various cutomer in various location.

Manajemen Pergudangan
Case Study

The United Processors Company harvest and processes a variety of fruit

and vegetables in southern and western farming regions of the country.
For certain of these products, such as strawberries and watermelon,
there tends to be strong demand in the East and Midwest just ahead of
the local growing season. Because United Processor must harvest
earlier than the northern climates, supply builds before demand peaks.
Warehouse normally build in the growing areas before truck shipment
are made to the demand areas. By transportation mode and the longer
transit times associated with it, the company could, in many cases, ship
immediately after harvesting and have the products arrive in the
marketplace just as strong demand develops. The result is a substantial
reduction in warehousing cost and transportation cost as well.

Manajemen Pergudangan
Compare private warehouse to rented warehouse with
reference to the following :
 Cost for storage
 Degree of administrative control
 Flexibility in meeting future uncertainties.

Manajemen Pergudangan