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y About the company. y Existing CRM model, An E-CRM approach. y Services. y Customer. y Experience as a customer. y Stations of Experience. y A mail From Customer Forum. y Recommendations.

and three-wheeler maker.5 billion. .About the company y Founded in 1945. y The company is headed by Rahul Bajaj who is worth more than US$1. y It is India's second largest two wheeler manufacturer[1] and the world's 4th largest two. y The Forbes Global 2000 list for the year 2005 ranked Bajaj Auto at 1946.

An Existing E-CRM model of Bajaj E-CRM SERVICES CUSTOMER CARE .

SERVICES y Troubleshooting y Maintenance Charts y Service STN Locator y Bajaj Genuine Parts .

Troubleshooting .

what can I o? The engine starts but stops imme iately Gear changing is very har Chain is creating noise Pick-up for the vehicle is poor The engine starts but stops imme iately Lights are Dim .Possible problems I have starting problem with my Vehicle Oil leakage from engine y Vehicle is giving low mileage.

. If suspected replace fuel. Breaks are tight. Air filter might have clogged.Pick-up for the vehicle is poor Check fuel for no adulteration / contamination. Wheels are not freely rotating.

Online Maintenance chart .

Online service center locator .

Bajaj genuine part .

Customer Care .

Customer request form .

Experience as a customer .

y Requirement of colour. y Call intimation. y Option for cash payment or loan. y Delivery. y Meeting the sales man. y After sales service.Experience as a customer. .

Station of experience .

Parts stolen.Stations of Experience In store While purchasing Free test drive. Post purchasing Regular ail for service chec ups. Providing infor ation regarding free chec up ca ps. At service station Wait for a long ti e for inspection. Free 1 onth of auto agazine su scription. Scratches in the ody of the vehicle. Billing related issues .

Date: 21st . But unfortunately it was always the problem of availability of spare parts with the companies authorized workshop so we had pay almost more than double the price to procure from local dealers. Considering the market share of Bajaj in two wheeler we opted for Eliminator though it was in collaboration with Kawasaki. 2008. Mobile : 09322246896 email: ahzaz@gtindia. So I request your kind self to kindly guide us from where to get genuine spare parts for Eliminator at realistic price. Sub: Spare parts for Kawasaki Bajaj Eliminator. With warm regards. This is with the reference to two wheeler Kawasaki Bajaj Eliminator which we have bought in the year 2005. Ahzaz Patel B-14. Firdaus Apartments. Now this is really absurd at times even some small parts as Head screw is not available and even Bajaj Avenger parts cannot be used due to incompatibility.A Customer mail through forum. Mumbai 400 016. Dear Sir. Thanks. 24. Mahim. The Customer Care. Bajaj Auto Ltd. To. Veer Savarkar Marg. 5th Floor.

if not possible then improve the ambience. y Improve 24X7 Customer call center. y Increase the spare part availability. y Post sales analysis. y Follow-up customer periodically.Recommendations y Focus on the service centers. . y Speed-up the process for documentation.

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