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Planning, Directing and control of Personal Selling, including recruiting, selecting, equipping, assigning, routing, supervising, paying and motivating Management of the firms Personal Selling functions

Personal Selling Personal communication with consumers/customers through paid personnel of an organization or its agents in such a way that the audience perceives the communicator s organization as being the source of message .

History of Personal Selling   Middle Ages Modern era   19th century 20th century .

. selling and Industrial As we begin Post-Industrial Postthe 21 War continues to develop. Modern Revolution becomingRevolution more professional and more relational Depression Era Business organizations employed salespeople Selling function became more professional . . served as intermediaries Selling function became more structured 1800s 1900s 2000s st century.Evolution of Personal Selling Peddlers selling door to door .

Contributions of Personal Selling: Salespeople and Society  Salespeople help stimulate the economy  Salespeople help with the diffusion of innovation .

Contributions of Personal Selling: Salespeople and the Employing Firm  Salespeople generate revenue Salespeople provide market research and customer feedback Salespeople become future leaders in the organization   .

Contributions of Personal Selling: Salespeople and the Customer  Salespeople provide solutions to problems Salespeople provide expertise and serve as information resources Salespeople serve as advocates for the customer when dealing with the selling organization   .

servicing and information gathering . communicating.Sales Person An Individual performing for a company by performing one or more of following activities: prospecting.

Some common names of Salespersons         Agents Sales consultants Sales representatives Account executives Sales Engineers District Managers Marketing Representatives Account Development Representatives .

hardworking .Characteristics of Sales Person            Empathy Ego Drive Ego Strength Interpersonal Communication skill Enthusiasm Better listener than talker Relationship Oriented Customer Oriented Patience Team Player Honest.

Types of Personal Selling   Transaction Based Relationship Based .

Salesperson is customercustomeroriented . Relationship Focused Transaction-Focused   Relationship-Focused     Short term thinking Making the sale has priority over most other considerations Interaction between buyer and seller is competitive Salesperson is selfselfinterest oriented   Long term thinking Developing the relationship takes priority over getting the sale Interaction between buyer and seller is collaborative.TransactionTransaction-Focused vs.

Classification of Personal Selling Approaches      Stimulus Response Selling Mental States Selling Need Satisfaction Selling Problem Solving Selling Consultative Selling .

Stimulus Response Selling Salesperson Provides Stimuli Buyer Responses Sought Continue Process until Purchase Decision .

Stimulus Response Selling      Sales message structured Stimuli is repeated until the desired response Conditions the prospective buyer to answering yes Used for When product is simple or when time limited Examples. Sale call by medical representative. selling simple household items .

Mental States Selling Attention Interest Conviction Desire Action .

Mental State Selling    Highly Structured Sales Presentation (like Stimulus response selling) Sales Person is forced to plan the presentation prior to sales call Difficult to predict customers mental state .

Mental State Selling  Attention   Get your customer excited Get your customer to like you Interview to create interest Try to find wants and need of the customer Tell your customer what there is for him Tell your customer the product is going to fullful his needs Overcome his hesitation  Interest    Conviction     Desire  Close .

Need Satisfaction Selling Uncover and Confirm Buyer Needs Present Offering to Satisfy Buyer Needs Continue Selling until Purchase Decision .

Need Satisfaction Selling    This Method focuses on customer Customer response dominates early portion of sales interaction Salesperson more focused on customer than being defensive .

Problem Solving Selling Continue Selling until Purchase Decision Define Problem Generate Alternative Solutions Evaluate Alternative Solutions .

Consultative Selling Business Consultant The process of helping customers reach their strategic goals by using the products. service. and expertise of the selling organization. Strategic Orchestrator LongLong-term Ally .

They must: Be Trustworthy and Behave Ethically Possess Excellent Communication Skills Understand Buyer Behavior .The Sales Process: Selling Foundations In order to be successful in today¶s global business environment. salespeople must have a solid relationship building foundation.

The Sales Process: Selling Strategy In order to be successful in today¶s global business environment. The must develop strategies for: Their Sales Territory Each Customer Each Sales Call . salespeople must also think and act strategically.

The Sales Process Initiating Customer Relationships Developing Customer Relationships ‡ Prospecting ‡ Preapproach ‡ Presentation Planning ‡ Approaching the Customer Enhancing Customer Relationships .

Salesperson Attributes The Sales Process Developing Customer Relationships ‡ Sales Presentation Delivery ‡ Earning Customer Commitment Initiating Customer Relationships Enhancing Customer Relationships .

and Teamwork .The Sales Process Initiating Customer Relationships Developing Customer Relationships Enhancing Customer Relationships Adding Value through Follow-up. Self-leadership.

Personal Selling Process  Prospecting and Qualifying  Identifying Potential Customers Learning as much as possible about potential customer prior to making a sales call Meets the customer for the first time Benefit of product are presented Understanding need is important  Preapproach    Approach  Presentation and Demonstration     Handling Objectives Closing  Asking for the order Helps ensure customer satisfaction  Follow Up  .

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