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Pd .Pd. M. ‫ْالسَّ َالمُ َع َل ْي ُك ْم َو َر ْح ََم ُُ هلل ِ َوََ ََ ََتُُ ُه‬  “BAHASA INGGRIS ITU MENYENANGKAN” BY :  ABDUL KODIR AL-BAEKANI.. S. .ac.Pd. S. University : UNINDRA Age : 31 Marital Status : Married Hobby : Badminton/Futsal Cell Phone : 085693713745 Email : mrqodirthea@gmail.Personal Identity: Name : Abdul Kodir Al-Baekani.Pd M.

Course Description: Matakuliah Bahasa Inggris bertujuan untuk membantu Mahasiswa mampu memahami pengetahuan grammar atau structure dan menerapkannya dalam kalimat-kalimat berbahasa Inggris yang dilatihkan melalui kemahiran dalam reading comprehension dan writing guna memahami berbagai referensi berbahasa INggris dalam menunjang pemahaman pada berbagai keilmuan yang dipelajarai .

Mahasiswa mampu memahami Part of Speech 2. Purpose of the Course (Learning Goals) The language course aims to help students to: 1. Mahasiswa mampu Memahami bacaan teks berbahasa Inggris serta serta memahami struktur atau grammar . Mahasiswa mampu memahami kalimat dan jenis-jenis kalimat 3.

Complex Sentence and Compound-Complex Sentence 13. Final Test . RPS dan Kontrak Perkuliahan 2. Simple Sentence and Compound Sentence 12. Reading Comprehension and Tenses (Descriptive) 14. Nouns (thing or person) 3. Adverbs (describe a verb) 7. Reading Comprehension and Tenses (Narrative Text) 16. Interjections /Article 11. Conjunctions/Auxiliary 10. Reading Comprehension and Tenses (Narrative Text) 15. Mid Test 9. Sequence of Topics 1. Adjective (describe a noun) 6. Prepositions (links a noun to another word) 8. Pronouns (replaces a noun) 4. Verbs (action or state) 5.

Evaluation (Grading System): Attendance 15% Assignment 15% Mid Test 30% Final Test 40% .

• Kurikulum • Alat Bantu Students Lulusan PBM Students Environment .

Assignment Written assignment : Grammar and Writing Audio Assignment : Speaking .

there are many people who have wide idiolect and problem with fluency. but it causes that they often get stuck. They don't realize the problem is somewhere else. It's true! However. They always try to use exact translation of the word they want to use.English vocabulary learning Many people think that knowing a lot of words is a key to fluent speaking. . They try to learn more and more words because they think vocabulary is their problem.

the more fluent your English speaking is . in case you don't have possibility to use such.Learn English by practice Of course the best way of practice are English conversations with other people. We recommend to contact with other person using communicator which provides voice chat (like Skype). it's better to practice by standard chatting than not practicing at all. However. So the most important thing you have to remember is: The more you practice. You can find some people who want to talk to you online on our website.

Giving a Great Self Introduction Speech A self introduction speech is often called for at a first meeting of a group.The possibilities are endless.. a hobby group.. your new class at the start of the term. It could be a work based seminar. .

the organization you belong to.where you are from. a particular skill or educational qualification? 4. Interest. Background . the position you currently hold 3. 1. Stating your name clearly 2.hobbies or pet peeves .Let's look at the elements that go together to make a good self-introductory speech. experience.what particularly interests you? What drives you? What is the personal goal you want to achieve within this group? 5.what can you share that is related to the group's core purpose for meeting? Is it an event. passion or goal . Sharing personal details . Placing yourself .


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