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 Clarence Arthur Perry (1872 – Sept 6, 1944) was an American
planner, sociologist, author, and educator.

 He was born in Truxton, New York.

 He later worked in the New York City planning department where he
became a strong advocate of the Neighborhood unit.
 He was an early promoter of neighborhood community and
recreation centers.

The concept of the neighborhood unit, crystallized

from the prevailing social and intellectual attitudes of the
early 1900s by Clarence Perry, is an early diagrammatic
planning model for residential development in metropolitan

It was designed by Perry to act as a framework for

urban planners attempting to design functional, self-
contained and desirable neighborhoods in the early 20th
century in industrializing cities.
Evolved due to advent of industrial
revolution and degradation of city
environment caused due to

• High congestion .

• Heavy traffic movement through the

city .

• Insecurity in school going children .

• Distant location of shopping and

recreation activities etc. .
safety healthy physical
to create a
environment in which
• Children's will have to traffic street to cross on the way
to school, school will be in a walking distance from

• An environment in which women may have an easy

walk to shopping center where may get daily
household goods .

• Employed people may find convenient transportation

to and from work .

• Well equipped play ground is located near the house

where children may play in safety with their friends and
develop healthy environment .
A diagram of
Clarence Perry's
unit , illustrating
the spatiality of
the core principles
of the concept ,
from the new
York Regional
Six basic principle of neighborhood here by

• Traffic routes should not pass through residential neighborhood.

• Interior street pattern should be design and constructed through use of

clu-de-sacs, curve layout and light duty surfacing .

• The population of neighborhood should be that which is necessary to

support elementary school .

• The neighborhood focal point should be elementary school centrally

located on a common or alone with other institution that have service
area coincident with neighborhood boundaries .

• The radius of the neighborhood should be a maximum of ¼ miles.

• Shopping district should be sited at the edge of neighborhood.

His ideas were realized in neighborhoods like Radburn through
the work of Clarence stein

Radburn is an unincorporated community located within

Fair Lawn in New Jersey , United States.

A diagram showing the street network structure of Radburn and its nested
hierarchy. Separate pedestrian paths run through the green spaces between
the culs-de-sac and through the central green spine (The shaded area was not