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Excerpts from DOLE’s 6th Regional

Advocacy, Employment and Human

Resource Congress, 12-14, Sept., 2017

Theme: “Pursuing a Career, Pursuing a Profession towards a

productive and fulfilled life.”
- Hardships, difficulty, harsh conditions, hard times
- Struggles, challenges, obstacles that may hinder
one’s state or disposition in life.

- The ability to withstand, survive, overcome
struggles, challenges, obstacles
- Relevance to the present working
environment – not just local but global
- “Millenials”
 Motivated people/employees are those who
have made a conscious decision to devote
considerable effort to achieving something
that they value.
Focus on Values (Survey among
Millenials, Gen x and Baby boomers- “What
makes your generation unique?”)
(Value degradation among the millenials)

CAREER COUNSELLING - a social service initiating a holistic,

continual, flexible approach of individuals, throughout all the
phases of their lives.
 What kind of environment
were they nurtured?
 What values do they prioritize?

How well do we know our people?

Approach each one accordingly.
 “Hugot” – Saan ka humuhugot ng lakas?
- “Hugot ng lakas kay Lord”
 Work – efficiency, work ethics, time mgt.
 Mind – positive thinking, motivation, focus
 Body – health and well-being, rest, exercise
 Emotions – anger, happiness, grief, insecurity, “ksp”
 Relations – friendship, support, affirmation, generosity,
 Environment – care for nature, serenity, simplicity
 Spirituality – prayer, faith, sacrifice