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Business Models

Minh Tran Dance Company
Produce one new major work annually Minh-performs Dancers – 5 On Contract

Unique Element: No Single Overhead…ability to Choreographer create a model that Company works in this city.
Influences: biographical & Asian Home: 3-4 prod Touring: 3+

Malashock Dance
Starting a new school Dancers hired as needed (20 wks annually)

Large community outreach program

Develop Element: Focuses on Unique John Malashock’s Work; 1-2 new work (vs developing his works company); no touring. annually Significant individual & foundation support (46%). Home: 2 prod
Special Projects No Touring

James Sewell Ballet
No School James performs; 8 dancers, 1 appr

Unique Element: repeatable Develop James Sewell’s holiday show; very supportive Work (primarily); 2-3 community; successful tour new works / annually. development (in/ex-ternal).
Small, mobile. All elements tour-able. Home: 3 prod + holiday show; Touring – 6 cities; Second city prod

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet
School in each city. Company of ten; 15 add’t dancers hired for Nutcracker

Small, mobile. All elements tour-able.

Contemporary Ballet –city Unique Element: two structure; small / contained; four new works/yr. presents other companies; two schools; holds tour income in Seasons in both cities AND reserve. present other companies in
both cities.

Louisville Ballet
School; multiple locations 22 dancers, 4 apprentices; 14 trainees.

Full length & Unique Element: produces contemporary works; large scale works on midtwo budget. 21% of budget commissions + up to size 6 new additions annually. from local Fund for the Arts.
Live and recorded music. Four productions + Nutcracker

Ballet Hispanico
Large School 13 dancers, 1 apprentice.

Repertory Company; Unique Element: more than most new works created one-fourth of budget comes from on the company. school and touring. Most Hispanic on company by rep created influence. others (director is not choreographer). Primarily recorded

Two New York rep programs; major touring – up to 20 cities annually. No holiday show.

Houston Ballet
Large School 47 dancers, 5 apprentices plus second company.

Full length and Unique Element: new fullcontemporary two years (colength every rep. Up to 4 commissions Budget: 12% productions). and 4 new rep endowment; 14% from additions annually. from Nutcracker market.
Live music (except touring) Six home season programs (3 + 3) plus Nutcracker plus two outdoor programs; 1-4 tours.

Earned Revenue
Houston Ballet


Contributed Revenue 44% 61% 56%

56% 39% 44% 42% 39% 27% 54%
0% 25% 50%

Ballet Hispanico

Louisville Ballet

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

58% 61% 73% 46%
75% 100%

James Sewell Ballet


Minh Tran Dance Co

Compare / Contrast Resource Allocation & Income Sources


70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%
o e C ock h nc et Da al as n all a M et Tr ll B all llet B we nh Ba Fe Mi Se ico s le ta et il an e n all is v a m n Sa isp J u nB tH e Lo to lle sp A us Ba Ho
Sal ar Prod i es ucti o Mark n-H e ti ng ome Adm , PR , Seas in / O on Box Othe pe ra Of fic r tions e Tour ing De ve l opm ent Scho ol Educ ati on / Com muni ty Ou tre ac h

Salaries 54% Education / Outreach 1% Production - Home Season 15%

School 3% Development 4%

Touring 4%

Admin / Operations 8% Other 3%

Marketing, PR, Box Office 8%

Salary Expenses
• • • • • • • • Dancers & Artistic staff Musicians Production Admin/Operations Marketing, PR, Box Office Development School / Education / Community Outreach Fringes

Salary Expenses
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Dancers & Artistic staff Admin/Operations Fringes Musicians Production Marketing, PR, Box Office Development School / Education / Community Outreach


30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0%

o e C ock nc et Da al ash Ball et an all ll et M Tr all we eB B e F i co nh et ll e an s S anta Mi i e all sv isp m i B n S Lo u Ja tH ton pe lle us As Ba Ho

Arti s t ic s t aff a Adm nd d in/O p ance s/ Oth rs Fring er es Prod uctio n Sa Scho l arie ol, O s ut rea Dev ch / Mar keti n g /P Mus ician R Sal a ries Mark et ing , PR , B xO f S al .


Ticket Sales (exc Nut) Nutcracker / Amahl

Other – Ads, School, Education, interest, Touring / Perf Fees UNIQUE boutique, Mat Outreach, Studentrentals, etc.

Houston Ballet Ballet Hispanico

Endowment Second City Income, / Commissioning Fees Income Louisville Ballet Presenting Series Special Project
James Sewell Ballet Malashock

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

Minh Tran Dance Co
0% 25% 50% 75% 100%


BOARD Trusts, Foundations INDIVIDUALS (non-board) Government UNIQUE Corporate

Fundraising events

Houston Ballet

Ballet Hispanico

Nutcracker Market, Gala, Events Louisville Ballet

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

James Sewell Ballet

Louisville Fund for the Malashock Arts
Minh Tran Dance Co