What is the SBYO?
y An organization of young people y A group of youth volunteers y Youth leaders from different schools y Youth arm of AN WARAY Party-List Partyy Youth who wants to make a difference

What is REALLY is the SBYO?
y Rooted in positive youth development y Provide opportunities for growth y Help youth to grow more maturely y Form future leaders for society y Link between AN WARAY and the youth y Youth participation in AN WARAY

What SHOULD the SBYO be? y An empowered youth organization y A pro-active youth development process proy Young leaders and mentors together y A stronger role in the AN WARAY family y Growth through learning by doing .

Who is the SBYO Member? y Must be Filipino. 17 to 35 years old and of good moral character y Must comply the necessary requirements and complete the application process y Either an associate. full or honorary member .

Full y Responsibles y Officers (Pres | VP | Sec | Treasurer) y Permanent Council y Standing Committees y Alumni and Party Members .Roles for SBYO Members y Types of Members: Associate vs.

Leaders y Process: Positive Personal Growth y Youth Mentors and Models y Being Part of the AN WARAY Family .Refocusing our Goals y Membership Qualifications: In or Out? y Rethinking our Roles: Volunteers vs.

New Members: In or Out? y Age requirement (17 to 35) Limit to 25? 30? Lower to 16? y In-School or Out-of-School? Students or InOut-ofYoung Adults? y Be more inclusive or exclusive? y Open or selective recruitment? .

do we look for service skills or leadership traits? y End product: projects or activities or the leaders themselves? . Leaders y Emphasis on service or leadership? y Focus on what we DO or what we ARE? y In recruitment.Volunteers vs.

Positive Personal Growth y Are our development tools effective? Do we measure personal growth? y How can we make them more effective? y Personal growth in ladderized stages or in one horizontal perspective? y Are we better persons? Have we grown in our relationship with others? .

Youth Mentors and Models y Present roles of Mentors and Models ± where are they now? y Separate group for young adults or a continuation of the SBYO Process? y How can SBYO mentors be better Models and more involved in the SBYO Process? .

collaboration. participation ± what does it entail? y A more proactive role for the SBYO? y Roles of AN WARAY members in the SBYO .Our AN WARAY Family y Seniority ± does it works? y Partnership.

Summing it Up y Membership: Balancing quality and quantity y Role: Leadership through service y Process: Growth in stages y Beyond SBYO: Integrating youth mentors y A more proactive role in AN WARAY .

enhancing and empowering young leaders through service to the community.The SBYO Way A development process of engaging. .

The SBYO Process .

Apprentice Senior Associate Mentor Full Member Responsible Leader .

Measuring our Progress Merit Points Progress Points Responsible's Points .

Apprentice Merit Points y Receive endorsement from a Responsible y Be exposed to the different Standing Committees (by rotation within the three months period) y Commence tracking of Merit-Based MeritPerformance Record (Point Badges | Button Pin System) .

Apprentice Progress Points y Complete the Application Procedure y Undertake Panel Interview y Complete the Basic Orientation Seminar y Complete the Discovery Trek y Complete the Pre-Volunteer Service PreTraining .

Associate Merit Points y Be accepted as Associate Member (The Welcome) y Be assigned to a permanent Life Group y Start attending monthly Organizational Meetings y Participate in all activities and programs y Introduced into organizational life .

Associate Progress Points y Complete the School of Life y Select topic | theme for the Induction Discourse y Give Induction Discourse on selected topic | theme y Participate in the annual YOUth Shine! .

Full Member Merit Points y Be accepted as Full Member (The Induction) y Receive the right to vote and be elected as officer y Actively participate in a Standing Committee y Volunteer in the service programs .

Full Member Progress Points y Complete the School of Leaders y Write Personal Career Plan y Apply for membership advancement y Assist in the conduct of the School of Life .

Leader Merit Points y Be elected | appointed to a Leadership Office (The Election) y Participate in the annual Planning Meeting y Draft and Present a Program | Project Proposal y Introduced into leadership capacities .

Leader Progress Points y Complete the Young Leaders Trek y Implement the Proposed Program | Project y Evaluate Individual Performance Record y Assist in the conduct of the School of Leaders y Serve as Reactor for the Induction Discourse .

Responsibl e Merit Points y Be selected as Responsible (The Call) y Participate in the selection of new apprentices y Participate in the drafting and implementation of the annual Work Plan .

Responsibl e Progress Points y Complete the School of Mentors y Select topic for Mentorship Lecture y Assist in the conduct of the Young Leaders Trek y Give Mentorship Lecture on selected topic .

automatic advancement to the Mentorship Level y Receive support for internship | volunteer work and | or employment placement .Mentor Merit Points y During the final year in college.

Mentor Progress Points y Complete the Young Generations Trek y Participate in the meetings of the Executive Council and the Permanent Secretariat y Participate in the annual Evaluation Meeting y Assist in the conduct of the School of Mentors y Serve as Reactor for the Mentorship Lecture .

Senior Merit Points y After graduation from college. automatic advancement to the Senior Level y Participate in twelve small group sessions. the ³Conversations´ centering on various professional. economic and political issues and current events . social.

Senior Progress Points y Complete the Conversations y Assist in the conduct of the Young Generations Trek .

SBYO. so what¶s next? .

Next Steps y Creation of the Reorganization Committee and Recruitment Committee y Amendments to the Organizational Charter y Finalization of the Merit and Progress Scheme and Pin Button System y Election of Officers for 2010 ± 2011 y Start of Recruitment for Batch 2010 .