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Stakeholder Mgmt

Process G. Prof.& Social
Ch.# Initiating Planning Executing Monitor & Control Closing Total
Knowledge A. Resp.**
1 Introduction*

Org.Influences & Project
3 PM Processes*
M&C Project Work
Develop Project Close Project or
4 Integration Mgmt Charter
Develop Project Mgmt Plan Direct & Manage Project Work Perform Integrated Change
Plan Scope Mgmt
Validate Scope
Collect Requirements
5 Scope Mgmt 6
Define Scope
Control Scope
Create WBS

Plan Schedule Mgmt

Define Activities

Sequence Activities
6 Time Mgmt Control Schedule 7
Estimate Activity Resources

Estimate Activity Durations

Develop Schedule

Plan Cost Mgmt

7 Cost Mgmt Estimate Costs Control Costs 4

Determine Budget

8 Quality Mgmt Plan Quality Mgmt Perform Quality Assurance Quality Control 3

Acquire Project Team

9 HR Mgmt Plan HR Mgmt Develop Project Team 4

Manage Project Team

10 Communications Mgmt Plan Communications Mgmt Manage Communications Control Communications 3

Plan Risk Mgmt

Identify Risks

11 Risk Mgmt Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Control Risks 6

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Plan Risk Responses

12 Procurement Mgmt Plan Procurement Mgmt Conduct Procurements Control Procurements Close Procurements 4

Identify Manage Stakeholder Control Stakeholder

13 Stakeholder Mgmt Stakeholders
Plan Stakeholder Mgmt
Engagement Engagement

Total 2 24 8 11 2 47
* Not actually considered as Knowledge Areas but included.
** Not actually considered as a Process Group but included.
Identify Stakeholders
Identify Stakeholders (Input)

 Procurement / Bid Documents

 RFQ, RFB, RFP, etc.
 Not always an input to this process, unless it’s an
external project!
 Vendors and Suppliers.
Identify Stakeholders (T & T)

 Stakeholder Analysis (general procedure)

 Identify potential stakeholders with relevant info.

 Analyze potential impact to see whether it’s

supportive or resistant to project success.

 Asses key stakeholders’ reactions to various

situations so you’re ready and know how to deal
with them.
Identify Stakeholders (T & T)
 Stakeholder Analysis
Identify Stakeholders (T & T)
 Power/Interest or Power/Influence Grid

Interest or Influence
Identify Stakeholders (T & T)
 Influence/Impact Grid
Identify Stakeholders (T & T)
 Salience Model
Identify Stakeholders (Output)
 Stakeholder Register
Plan Stakeholder Mgmt
Plan Stakeholder Mgmt (T & T)
 Analytical Techniques
Plan Stakeholder Mgmt
(T & T)
 Analytical Techniques

Current & Desired

Plan Stakeholder Mgmt
 Stakeholder Mgmt Plan
 A developed strategy on how to deal with each
stakeholder during the project in accordance
with the information collected in the register and
level of engagement.


Manage Stakeholder Engagement
Manage Stakeholder Engagement
 Change Log
Manage Stakeholder Engagement(T & T)
Manage Stakeholder Engagement
 Issue Log
Control Stakeholder Engagement
QUIZ (Ch.13)