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Calcium & Life

Calcium Deficiency Self Checking List

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青少年 The more you tick,

the weaker your bone
what is calcium
calcium is the basic Elements of life 。
5% of the body weight is mineral,, 2% of the
body weight is calcium,
Normal person’s body contains 1-1.2kg of
99% of the calcium is stored in the skeleton &
teeth, 1% of calcium is stored in the soft
tissue, extracellular fluid & blood
The function of calcium

Main composition of bones and teeth.

Promote enzyme activity。
Maintain nerve and muscle activity.
Involved in blood coagulation, hormone
secretion, the maintenance of body fluid PH
level and physiological regulation of cell
function and so on.
Golden rule of the calcium supplementation

Scientifically supplement calcium

= promote absorption + reduce losses

Promote absorption Reduce losses

Vitamin C promote the absorption
of calcium, eat more fruit,
drink orange juice.
Vitamin D is the carrier of Don’t over consume
calcium absorption process and fish & meet
without Vitamin D calcium cant Strict control of
be used by the bone. salt intake
A balanced diet can improve the Health cooking
utilization of calcium method
Recommended dairy intake of calcium by
the institute of nutrition
Age mg/day Age mg/day
0-0.5 300 14-18 1000
0.5-1 400 18- 800
1-4 600 Early pregnancy 800
4-7 800 Interim pregnancy 1000
7-11 800 Late pregnancy- 1200
Lactation period
11-14 1000 50- 1000
Calcium content of the common food

name Calcium content name Calcium content

(mg/100g) (mg/100g)
milk 104 Amaranth 178
chess 799 Chinese cabbage 45
egg yolk 112 Fungus 247
pea nut 284 sea weed 348
Shepherd's purse 294 kelp 264
Lean pork 6 shrimp 991
Chicken 9 Clam 190
Rape 108 soy bean 191
bean curd 164 black bean 224
pea 200 rice 13
Calcium selection techniques

Classification Name Calcium Absorption Water solubility

content rate
Inorganic Calcium 23 none Slightly soluble
calcium carbonate or insoluble
Organic acid Calcium 9 27% easily Soluble
Calcium gluconate
Calcium 13 32% Soluble
Organic Calcium 27.5 90% easily Soluble
chelated amino acid
calcium chelate
6 Advantages of Tiens high calcium series

Multi-functional integrated
nutrient source High absorption rates of 95%

Good taste,
High calcium content Tiens a variety of flavors
calcium: phosphorus=2:1
(international standard) Significant effect
Nutrient Super Calcium powder

Calcium content: 4000mg/100g

Natural fresh cow spine bone as
raw material, rich in essential
Amino acid chelated calcium,
strong biological activity
Increased bone density 。
Good taste, suitable for whole
family use.
1-2 times a day, 1 bag each time
Super Calcium Powder with Metabolic Factors

 Calcium content: 3600mg/100g.

 Amino acid chelated calcium, strong biological
 Zymolytic bone calcium, pumpkin powder,
oligosaccharide, vitamins D, A, B1 and B2, without
 Natural hypoglycemic factor that regulates blood
sugar level.
 Specially designed for diabetes people.
 1-2 times a day, 1 bag each time
Super Calcium powder for Children

 Calcium contain 3600mg/100g

 Amino acid chelated calcium, strong
biological activity
 With brain nutrition helps the natural
growth and development of children.
 Designed for children to promote
children's bones, teeth, brain and
neurological development
 Box: 1-2 times a day, 1 bag each time.
 Can: 1-2 times a day, 10g each time
Lecithin & calcium capsule

Zymolytic bone calcium,

lecithin, taurine, folic
acid, vitamin
Supply nutrients to brain
cells, improve memory

3 times a day, 3 capsules

each time.
Calcium chewable tablets

Natural enzyme calcium powder with

multi-vitamin, scientific adjust
calcium/phosphorus &
calcium/magnesium ratio
Rich chocolate taste, easy to carry.
3-5 tablets daily for adults,
2-3 tablets daily for children
Orphans and disabled child Zhi
Guang Ping is week and sickly,
after she took Tiens products for
only two months, her physical
health significantly enhance with
an increase of 15 cm in height and
by 2 kg in weight, Guang Ping
continuely used Tiens products,
now her physical health has been
returned to normal.

 Ms. Su, 52-year-old, perennial over

working and lack of calcium causing
severe both femoral head necrosis
and severe rheumatoid, She is not
happy due to the pain all day along,
But after taking Tiens products for
6 months, her femoral head
miraculously restored and she regain
health, At last Ms. Su can put aside
the crutches and live a life with
Story of Bian Que

Bian Que
Warring States era, about
400 years BC
Is known as the Medical
ancestors, medical geniuse
Calcium deficiency self checking-Children
 Insomnia  Delayed mental development,
 Stomach cramp, speech late
diarrhea, muscle  start walk later(after 13 month
cramp old)
 Sternum pain,“X”  Teething late (after 10 months
leg, “O”leg, pigeon old) teeth arranged in sparse,
chest irregular, not close, the teeth
 Onychomycosis, white were tapered or serrated
mark on the nail  Sparse hair
 Anorexia, partial  Poor health, ease to catch
eclipse colds, etc.
 Irritability,
calcium deficiency self checking-
young people

Severe growing pain

Fatigue, irritable, lack of concentration,
Anorexia, partial eclipse
Tooth decay and poor development
Frequently have allergy, flu
Calcium deficiency self checking-young adults

Often fatigue

Muscle cramp, back pain

Frequently have allergy, flu

Calcium deficiency self checking- Pregnant &
lactating women

Loose tooth
Week limbs, muscle cramp, numb feeling
Back pain, joints aching, Rheumatism
Dizzy, anemia
Prenatal high blood pressure syndrome
Edema and lack of milk secretion
Calcium deficiency self checking-elderly

Old age-related skin diseases

Heel pain, back/neck spine pain
Teeth loose & loss
Obvious hump, reduced height
Poor appetite, pepticulcer, constipation
Dreams lot, insomnia, restlessness, irritability
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