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Abdul Farid Hassan(11609310)


 Our Restaurant provide healthy and delicious food at

your doorstep with free delivery service.
 Daily Home Meals also provide your favourite food on
your plates.
Legal formalities

 Shop and Establishment Act License

 License from Local Food & Health
Department (FSSAI License).
 Trade license.
 Police verification.
 Society’s NOC
 Approval from LPU.
 The legal structure of the business will be Partnership.
 Partnership Members are
• Abdul Farid Hassan
• Shivani
• Rashmi
Registration process

 The registration of the partnership firm can be done before starting

business or during continuance of partnership.
 The process of registration involves two steps- filing an
application and submission of required documents.
 The first step the in registering a partnership firm is filing an
application with the Registrar of Firms. The partnership
agreement must be printed on a Non-Judicial Stamp Paper
according to Indian Stamp Act 1899.
 The partnership agreement is usually signed in the presence of all
the partners and each of the partner would retain a signed original
for his/her records.
Sample of partnership Form
 Subscription model.
 Hostel delivery.
 Booking order through website or telephone.
 Tied up with local restaurants for food order.
 Expansion
 Product development (New product line)
 Collaboration with a local food shops to start a dinner and a
drink package.
 Offering food delivery for longer hours (Lunch &
 Demand in the market
 Competitors (Local food shops)
 Change in rule and regulation of Lovely Professional
 Change in government rule and regulations (Legislation or
Licensing requirement)
 Political situation (Restaurant are closed).
 Increase in price of materials

 Taste Preference of different customers.

 Low Brand Value
 Transportation cost
 Warehouses for maintaining vegetables.
Names Marketing Finance Sales Operations HR

Abdul Farid


 In initial days, a pair of two delivery boys will be made for three
different locations.
Total pairs of delivery boys = 3
 In a particular hour, two duties will be there for delivery boys :
take order & deliver order.
 For half an hour one will take order and other will deliver order.
 For Kitchen staff, we will hire two chefs and one helper.
Job Profiles

 Profile 1 : Chef

 Profile 2 : Delivery Boy

Profile - Chef
Job Description:
 Ensure all food related items are of the highest standard and in
accordance to the expectations.
 Communicates positively with customers, the management team and
colleagues to obtain feedback.
Job Role:
 Prepare the food for the customers.
 Ensure that food quality which is given to the customers is awesome.
 Maintain inventory and restocking.
Job Specifications:
 Minimum 2 years of experience in the field of cooking.
 Ability to work under pressure.
 High level of integrity.
Profile – waiter
Job Description:
• Waiter has to deliver the food in a particular location.
Job Role:
• Ensure that delivery of the food to the customers in proper manner.
• To perform the task of delivering the food items with the safety.
• Have the ability to reach the customers on time.
Job Specifications:
• Candidate with average communication skill.
• Candidate should have valid Good Discipline
• High level of integrity
Salary Structure -
Component Per Month (Rs.) Per Annum(Rs.)
Basic Salary 7500 1,56,000
600 7,200

Flexi Plan Allowance 2,400 28,800

Annual Cost to Company 16,000 1,92,000

Allow/Reimbursement Per Month (Rs.) Per Annum(Rs.)

Telephone Reimbursement 400 4,800
Food Reimbursement 2000 24,000
Salary Structure – Delivery Boy
Component Per Month (Rs.) Per Annum(Rs.)
Basic Salary 8,000 96,000
House Rent Allowance 600 7,200

Flexi Plan Allowance 3,900 46,800

Annual Cost to Company 12,500 1,50,000

Allow/Reimbursement Per Month (Rs.) Per Annum(Rs.)

Telephone Reimbursement 400 4,800
Food Reimbursement 2,000 24,000

Vehicle & Fuel 1,500 18,000

Designation Basic Salary Appraisal Appraisal Appraisal
(in Rs.) after one after second after third
year (7% year (7% year (7%
hike in salary hike in salary hike in salary
in Rs.) in Rs.) in Rs.)

Chef 13,000 13,910 14,883 15,924

Delivery Boy 8,000 8,560 9,159 9,800

Training and Development

 We will provide the new employees with the orientation program.

 It will involves the workplace related policies and the service
 The training and development will be done for the two positions.
 This involves Chef and Delivery boy.
 Training Program – Buddy Training Program
Training Program – Buddy Program

 Chef: The training will be provided to the cook regarding the

service standards.
 This will involves the preparation guidelines and the plate
 Delivery Boy: For the delivery boy, the training will be provided
specific to the timings for customer service like the timely delivery
of the food to the customer.
 Getting the customer feedback.
Marketing Plan
 Geographic Segmentation
Lovely Professional University.
Law Gate
 Demographic Segmentation
Gender- Male/Female
Age- 16+
 Psychographic Segmentation
Income Level- No barrier.
Customers who want pure none vegetarian
and vegetarian food.
Involves all consumers who want healthy
and Tasty food

 Behavioral Segmentation
 Frequently party loving people.
 All those who want food at their doorstep.unique

 Healthy and Tasty food.
 Unique food around you.
 High standards of quality.
4 P’s
 Law Gate
 Deep Nagar
Executive Trays

 An executive meal contains pulses, 2 veggies, rice,

4 chapati and sweet at Rs. 50.
 These are attractive and easy to use.

 Rice and Qorma

 Qabuli Pelowe Chicken
 Qabuli Pelowe Mutton
 Chicken Biryani
 Mutton Biryani
 Chicken Qorma
 Mutton Qorma
 Chicken Pasta
 Mantoo
 Kabob
 Shamie Kabob
 Ckicken Tikka kabob
 Tandori Fish Kabob
 Vegetarians
 Qorma Sabzi palak
 Samosa
 French fry
 Bolani

 Campaigns like “Together we can remove hunger”.

 Use of QR codes on print pamphlets.
 Download offers link on our website.
 Newspaper and magazines advertisement.
 Facebook Page.
 YouTube Ads
 LPU Ums
For Restaurant Food Service
• 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Booking Process
 Availability of website, social media pages, Whatsapp, telephonic
Steps involved in the booking of our services:
 Step 1 – Customer can visit our website, social media pages or
directly come to us for their queries and services. They can also
call or text us.
 Step 2 – In order to avail our services like subscription, customer
needs to book the order on our website or telephone. Confirmation
will be made through Short Messaging Service(SMS).
Sales Forecast – 1st year

Location Customers price Average Revenue in

Price/month 1st year (in
(in Rs.) Rs.)
LPU 150 150 150*30* 39,60,000
Sales Forecast – 2nd year
Location Subscriptions Tiffin/month Average Revenue in
Price/month 1st year (in
(in Rs.) Rs.)
LPU 250 15,000 5,50,000 49,50,000
Law Gate 120 7,200 2,64,000 23,76,000
Deep Nagar 120 7,200 2,64,000 23,76,000

Rama Mandi 120 7,200 2,64,000 23,76,000

Dakoha 120 7,200 2,64,000 23,76,000

Phagwara 100 6000 2,20,000 19,80,000
Others NA 500 20,000 1,80,000
Total 830 50,300 18,46,000 1,66,14,000
Sales Forecast – 3rd year
Location Subscriptions Tiffin/month Average Revenue in
Price/month 1st year (in
(in Rs.) Rs.)
LPU 300 18,000 6,60,000 59,40,000
Law Gate 130 7,800 2,86,000 25,74,000
Deep Nagar 130 7,800 2,86,000 25,74,000
Rama Mandi 130 7,800 2,86,000 25,74,000
Dakoha 130 7,800 2,86,000 25,74,000
Phagwara 120 7,200 2,64,000 23,76,000
Jalandhar 100 6000 2,20,000 19,80,000
Others NA 500 20,000 1,80,000
Total 1,040 55,700 23,08,000 2,07,72,000
Marketing Budget
Strategy Target Amount Amount Amount
Audience Budgeted Budgeted Budgeted
(1st Year) (2nd Year) (3rd Year)

Brochures Students, Rs. 20,000 Rs. 25,000 Rs. 30,000

Pamphlets All Rs. 30,000 Rs. 35,000 Rs. 40,000
LPU Ums Students NA NA NA
YouTube All Rs. 15,000 Rs. 20,000 Rs. 25,000
Campaign All Rs. 40,000 Rs. 45,000 Rs. 50,000

Total Cost Rs. 1,05,000 Rs. 1,25,000 Rs. 1,45,000