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Walter Elias Disney

Walter Elias Disney was born in December 5,

1901. Disney developed an early interest in
drawing. He didn't have many subjects, but
delighted in drawing cartoon pictures of his
neighbor's horses. Disney dropped out of high
school at age 16 in hopes of joining the Army.
He was rejected for being underage, but was
able to get a job as an ambulance driver with
the Red Cross in France.
Disney's very first animation studio was Laugh-O-
Gram, where he began telling modernized fairy
tales based on Aesop's Fables (a trend Disney
continued) before the studio quickly went
bankrupt (good thing he didn't quit back then!).
With his suitcase, and $20 Walt headed to
Hollywood to start anew. In 1923 Walt created a
series called Alice’s Comedies, After making a
success of his “Alice Comedies”, Walt became a
recognized Hollywood figure.
Mickey Mouse wasn't Disney's first iconic
character--Mickey's predecessor, Oswald the
Lucky Rabbit, was created while Disney was under
contract with Universal Pictures. When he left,
Oswald was barred from joining him, leading
Disney to make a new companion--everyone's
favorite mouse.
In 1928 Walt created Mickey Mouse, Mouse was
originally named Mortimer Mouse, but Disney's
wife said the name Mortimer sounded too
pompous, convincing Disney to change the
adorable rodent's name to Mickey. From 1928 (the
birth of Mickey Mouse) until 1947, Disney himself
did the voice of Mickey.
Steamboat Willie which Mickey Mouse starred
was the first animated cartoon with sound,
The music used is original most of the time, but
musical quotation is often employed. Animated
characters usually performed the action in
"loops," i.e., drawings were repeated over and
over. 348 story board pictures per minute
Although other producers had made films earlier
using 2-strip color, Disney produced the first
cartoon in 3-strip Technicolor, Flowers and
Trees, in 1932. First full-color cartoon. Also he got
his academy award on this cartoon
• Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was premiered. Some of the other
classics created at this time were Bambi, Fantasia, Dumbo, and
• In 1955, Disneyland Park was opened.
-Walt and the company, which was now named The Walt Disney
Company, expanded their work into the television world a few years
• The Program was called The wonderful world of color
During his lifetime
• 59 academy award nominations
• 22 Oscars

• Received a star on the Anaheim walk

of stars, stars on the Hollywood walk
of fame
• Congress gold medal
• Placed in the Hollywood hall of fame
• And many more
Walt passed away on December 15, 1966 due
to lung cancer. Roy Disney (his brother)
continued out the business, and company still
run today by the Disney family. Disney was a
very laid back person and he had an exteremly
laisse-faire way of running his many business.
All of his employees loved and respected him/
Company is still ran the same as it was when
Disney was alive. The reason he was so
successful os because of how creative and
imaginative he truly was