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RAVIN A/L M. KRISHNAN (4154008821)


Haw was happy and hope that Hem littlepeople (Hem and Haw) CL IM A X enter the maze to find the will realize and start to enter special cheese and they find the maze and move from his it in station C comfort zone. 2 mice and saw Sniff and Scurry (Scurry and Sniff) and 2 were already there. Sniff and Scurry starts to enter the maze again to find new cheese while Hem and Haw keep complaining and arguing about the missing cheese. EX P O SIT I ON R ESO L UT I ON Cheese in station C had gone. INTRODUCTION Haw find Cheese station N Four little characters. .

Possesses complex brains filled with many 2. Use reasons 4. Easily change along with the change of 3. Aware of changes 2. Having a simple brain and good instincts 1. Unable to change along with change of environment . Ignorant of changes environment 4. Use instincts belief and emotion 3. FACTS SURROUNDING THE CASE The story revolve around these four character : MICE LITTLEPEOPLE SNIFF SCURRY HEM HAW 1.

. • when both Scurry and Sniff realize the • When the cheese in Station C is finished. • Takes action based on the vision set by keep things simple. not over-analyse and others building a new vision. SNIFF SCURRY • Innovator • Producer • Anticipated changes early by sniffing it out. cheese in Station C was finished. action as soon as Sniff give his signal on which way to go. Scurry he was not even surprised as he already did not waste any time and move into anticipate the changes may come.

• Feeling insecure and unhappy when his • He would hesitant at first but tries to be comfort are being threaten by putting the open-minded on the whole situation to blame on others and feel unfair. . he could not control and stabilize that this changes will resulted better himself anymore. HEM HAW • Stabilizer • Unifier • Likes to make thing systematic and • Empathize and connect himself well with controlled. learn to adapt with changes and move on. outcome. he others. • His negative thinking towards new • Although the negative thinking keep changes makes him unable to move coming whenever he wanted to change. However. forward because he thought. if he tries to he shook it off by keep reminding himself change.

KEY ISSUES No further No Confidence action Afraid of Have faith changes .

ALTERNATIVE COURSE OF ACTIONS Anticipate Changes Wild imagination and be creativity Moves with actions Enjoy change .

• If they follow the Mice to get the cheese. ANTICIPATE CHANGES • Pro: If they accept the changes. they will get enough supply of cheese in the new station. • Waiting and sitting only make Haw and Hem lost their hope and became less determine to find a new cheese. • Hem and Haw were still back in cheese station C evaluating their situation. • Haw and Hem thought that the cheese will come if they stayed at station C. . • Haw often went out and explored new areas in order to stay in touch with what was happening around him. • They have to accept the changes and they must to move from station C to get enough supply of cheese in the new station. EVALUATION OF ALTERNATIVE 1. surely they will discover the cheese but they never learnt how to get the cheese by themselves in case Mice are gone. • Cons: If they did not accept the changes. They were now suffering from the effects of having no cheese. they will be weak and fall in sick due to lack of food.

• They should have planned and never made decision without taking precautions. • There could be a trapped in the Maze and they could have died in the first trial of searching the cheese because someone had plotted to catch them. Cons: If they do not put any effort or creative they will end up starving and die. • The action was quit brilliant and effective because no time was wasting in searching the new cheese. WILD IMAGINATION AND BE CREATIVE Pro: Their creative probably they can get new and varieties of cheese to survive for their life as usual. both Sniff and Scurry would die because of their carelessness. . 2. • If someone has poisoned the cheese. • Sniff and Scurry never hesitated to move on when they found no cheese. • Sniff and Scurry put their energy on searching the cheese instead of wasting energy thinking of idea to find new cheese.

• Therefore. they will be afraid to make a move from station C. • They can move with actions. . • They should moves with action because if not it will make trouble themselves if they didn’t move from station C they will be weakness because the cheese will be run out. • They must to face the new challenges for looking the new cheese at another station. • Cons: If they never moves with actions. • Sometimes they did well but at other times their powerful human beliefs and emotions took over and clouded the way they looked at things.3. MOVES WITH ACTIONS • Pro: They will have a safe journey in finding the new cheese. find the new cheese by using their ability to think and learn from their past experience. • They just think that out there many challenges and many difficulties for the new place. they should have planned for their safety journey at the future.

. and perhaps they could eat more vegetable which can be found more easily and good for health. • They can out from the place for searching a new variety of food that they could never taste before. Cons: The place in the maze is very limited to find for other sources of food. it makes they cannot enjoy the changes.4. Cheese isn’t good food for health. they can enjoy the day without worrying the cheese is gone. • If they changed the diet. ENJOY CHANGES Pro: Try to find other food instead of the cheese and enjoy the changes • It’s very simple that they can change the diet from cheese to other food. • They cannot stay at the same place for searching a new food. it will never make them enjoy the changes • At the place of Maze is very limited to find for other sources of food even though they can look for another place which have unlimited food.

were finding who moved their cheese. quantity and left behind.  From our real life we can say that. on the same situation blaming each other. 1 1I  For example. . we should save some  In real life we should move on when portion from our salary for problem strikes us. we should not stick future use.RECOMMENDATIONS Hem and Haw should Hem and Haw should identify their own ability have identified the and work smart to solve changes in the cheese the problems that occur. when Hem and  When Station C was out of cheese Sniff Haw found the cheese in and Scurry accepted the changes and they Station C. they could have continued to look for new cheese Station save some cheese for their but Hem and Haw stayed in Station C and future.

through the entire situation.  It takes so long for Haw to move out from the situation whereas Hem didn’t take any move because he feels afraid.RECOMMENDATIONS RECOMMENDATION They have to be brave They must be motivated enough to face the for their future situation. III 1V  Hem and Haw were so afraid  Haw motivated himself to go into the to make a move when their maze and find for new cheese. undertakings. We cheese in Station C was out must motivate ourselves to go of supply. .

have courage 03 Be positive 04 Don’t stay in comfort zone. CONCLUSION 01 Be prepared for any circumstances 02 Don’t be afraid of changes. it will not help our brain to evolve or grow 05 Think bigger .