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Teens read

magazines, listen to
music and watch TV
at the same time.

Teens favourite TV
shows, websites and
apps are filled with
websites magazines
music TV shows
TV apps advertising
websites advertising
magazines TV
TV shows music
• refer to separate items;
• have a singular and plural form;
• can normally be used with the
indefinite article, quantifiers and

love to read many gossip

and to talk about
with their .
• refer to materials and collections
which cannot be divided;
• do not have a plural form;
• are not normally used with the
indefinite article.

Nowadays mobile phones provide

, and .
• I heard distressing news on the radio
• I read articles on media evolution
• The media exposes teens to
• I haven’t done research on media
• In positive • In questions and
sentences with negative sentences
countable and with countable/
uncountable nouns. uncountable nouns.

• With countable and uncountable

nouns in positive sentences.
• With uncountable • With plural countable
nouns in negative nouns in negative and
and question forms. question forms.

• With uncountable • With plural

nouns countable nouns
• With plural • With uncountable
countable nouns nouns
Now Practise!
Decide if these nouns are countable or

money power information

TV sets money
news TV sets headphones
headphones power
article journalist internet
article information
research blog e-mail
journalist news
site love webpage
blog internet
e-mail research
site love
Choose the correct option.
1. Some / Any teenagers read online newspapers.

2. I don’t trust any / some information given by blogs.

3. There aren’t many / much trustworthy search engines.

4. Little / Few teenagers watch TV news shows.

5. There wasn’t any / some news broadcast about the


6. I have a little / a few time to check some / any emails.

Match each noun with a quantifier to
complete the sentences. Quantifier
1. Our company has bought __________.
2. I have _____________ on my mobile.
3. I’ve updated my blog with ____________. too much
Nouns a few
equipment too many
ringtones 4. Teens read _____________.
posts 5. _____________ was lost in the storm.
software 6. That TV channel doesn’t broadcast ______.
too much
1. Our company has bought __________software.
too many ringtones on my mobile.
2. I have __________
a few posts
3. I’ve updated my blog with___________.

too many tabloids

4. Teens read_________________.

Some equipment
5. ________________was lost in the storm.
many sitcoms
6. That TV channel doesn’t broadcast _____________.