Name: Anshima Gupta Nidhi Kumari Prita Dhawan Shilpi Awasthi Taufique Ahmad

Traditionally retailing in India can be traced to
 The emergence of the neighborhood ‘Kirana’

stores catering to the convenience of the consumers

Era of government support for rural retail
 Indigenous franchise model of store chains run

by Khadi & Village Industries Commission

Textiles sector with companies like Bombay

Dyeing, Raymond's, S Kumar's and Grasim first saw the emergence of retail chains

Later Titan successfully created an organized

retailing concept and established a series of showrooms for its premium watches

The latter half of the 1990s saw a fresh wave of

entrants with a shift from Manufactures to Pure Retailers.
 For e.g. Food World, Subhiksha and Nilgiris in

food and FMCG; Planet M and Music World in music; Crossword and Fountainhead in books.

Post 1995 onwards saw an emergence of

shopping centers Emergence of hyper and super markets trying to provide customer with 3 V’s - Value, Variety and Volume Expanding target consumer segment: The Sachet revolution - example of reaching to the bottom of the pyramid. At year end of 2000 the size of the Indian organized retail industry was estimated at Rs. 13,000 crore

 Retailing in India is witnessing a huge revamping exercise  Rated 5th most attractive emerging retail market  Estimated to be US$ 200 billion.4 billion  Annual growth of department stores is estimated at 24%  Ranked 2nd in a Global Retail Development Index of 30 developing countries . of which organized retailing makes up 3 percent or US$ 6.

Malls Specialty Stores Departmental stores Multi Brand Stores (MBO) Hyper marts / Supermarkets Convenient Stores Discount Stores .

 With  Has progressed from a single brand shop to a Fashion & . 1991 by the K. Lifestyle store for the families. Raheja group of companies  32 retail outlets across the country and is planning to spread its wings with futuristic expansion plans to meet the challenges of the retail industry a Gross Retail Turnover of Rs. 8996 million. Shopper's Stop has become the highest benchmark for the Indian Retail Industry. The foundation of Shoppers' Stop was laid on October 27.

offering a wide range of products . International and domestic brands across categories such as apparel.Is the country's largest chain of Department Stores. home & kitchenware as also its own exclusive brands HomeStop is the first-of-its-kind premium home concept store at Bengaluru. Mumbai and New Delhi. cosmetics. accessories.

2008 World Retail Congress at Barcelona. on April  Shoppers Stop is listed on the BSE  The only retailer from India to become a member of the prestigious Intercontinental Group of Departmental Stores (IGDS)  "Most admired Fashion Retail Destination of the Year“ Images Fashion Forum .Jan 2009 .Shoppers Stop Ltd has been awarded  “The Emerging Market Retailer of the Year Award“ 10.

 Most Admired Retailer of the Year (Customer Relations) – Shoppers Stop.Feb 2009 .Sep 2009  "Best Visual Merchandising"  VMRD Retail Design Award – July 2009  "Retailer of the Year .  IRF 2009 .Fashion & Lifestyle"  Asia Retail Congress .

1 position in Indian market in Department Store Category Mission:  “Nothing but the best”  To strive & achieve nothing but the best in terms of processes.Vision:  To be a global retailer in India & maintain no. practices & deliverables .



. Shopper's Stop. Shopper's Stop came up with several initiatives .S. one of India's oldest retail chains Shopper's Stop Ltd unveiled its new logo as a part of its re-branding strategy. They are getting younger. 2008.000-85. said. feet. their preferences are constantly evolving. Customer Care Associate and Managing Director. "Change is essential.000 sq. B. feet to 75. Our consumers are planned to increase per store area from around 40.  In a bid to reposition itself as a 'bridge to luxury' store as opposed to its earlier image of a premium retailer  Commenting on the change.000 sq.On April 24.000-45. Nagesh.

Store Size: 1.000 sq feet Retail Presentation Area: 56% – 64% of total store size Sales per square foot: Rs.600/Gross margin per square foot: Rs.17. 75 per square foot . 340/No. 2. of Employees: 480 Approximate Rentals: Rs.

Average Ticket Size: Rs.400 Conversion ratio: 32% Private Labels:17% of Merchandise Mix and 21% of total sales % of Sales contributed by Malad Store to overall sales: 13% .Investments (furniture.per square foot. fixture and fittings): Rs. 2.800/. 2.

STRENGTH:  Oldest  Financial conditions  loyal customer base of over 782000* First citizen members WEEKNESS: * 2009 data  Less number of outlets .

Westside. . Lifestyle.OPPORTUNITY:  Changing taste of young generation  Preferred partners for foreign player THREAT:  Competitors like Globus.


32 .

Indirapuram  Gurgaon .Salt Lake City Road  Banglore .Gomti Nagar  South  Bangalore .Bannerghatta – Hyderabad – Banjara Hills – Mumbai – Cyberabad • West – Mumbai .Garuda Mall  Chennai .Vasant Kunj  Delhi .Ansal Plaza  Delhi .Mulund – Pune .Shivaji Nagar – Pune .The Great India Place  Ghaziabad .Andheri – Mumbai . North  Delhi .Metropolitian Mall  Jaipur .Camp • East Kolkata .Chetpet  Hyderabad .Saket  Noida .Kandivili – Mumbai .Malad – Mumbai .Malviya Nagar  Lucknow .Forum Mall Kolkata .Chembur – Mumbai .Bandra – Mumbai .Rajouri Garden  Delhi .Juhu – Mumbai .Begumpet .


Indian Terrain Allen Solley Dockers Stop Zodiac • Park Avenue Ven Heusen Mario Zegoti Arrow •Austin Reed (London) •Louis Philippe • Giovani • Vettorio Fratini •Wills Lifestyle .

I’shvarah Stop Mix n Match Haute Curry Kashish Sanaa Biba • Mufti • United color of Benetton • Fem – French Collection .


Gini N Joni Barbie Zapp Ruff Lilliput Kanz .

.Shoppers Stop follows Premium Pricing Strategy that includes selling of High Quality Products at a High Price. Shoppers stop caters to different segments of the consumers. Men’s apparel  The range of men’s clothing starts from Rs 500 being the lowest to nearly 6ooo highest.

belts. belts. earrings etc has the price range of Rs 2000 to Rs 40000. sandals. Women’s accessories like sunglasses. watches. .Women’s apparel  The range of women’s clothing starts from Rs400 to Rs 10000 Men’s accessories like sunglasses. watches. shoes etc ranges from Rs 1000 to Rs 20000.

In the kids section prices of toys and other accessories ranges from Rs 100 to Rs 5000 In the cosmetics section there are products like deodorants. skincare cosmetic. . Their price ranges from Rs 200 to Rs 2000. make-up stuff.

Denim festival Customer Care association First Citizen Card Surprise Sale Valentine Sale .

Front-line staff will have a direct impact on perceptions Grey black uniform to suit with the Shops interiors Good personality to attract the customers inside the shop Friendly nature .

high quality Indian brands It is possible for SS to provide best of the quality . is essential for a service to differentiate itself from other providers SS store has all international brands and all wellto-do.Improving productivity is a requisite in cost management Quality as defined by the customer.

Lovely fresh fragrance at entrance Spacious landing strip Wall space utilized for mirror and print ads of the brand or the product near Also utilized it by providing self's and constructing trail room around it Mirror finish style flooring Escalators No stacking bellow knee level .

 One type and many sizes together in ascending order 39 40 41 42 44 .Men’s Apparel stacked in a unique style.






Ground Floor: .

1st Floor Billing Counter Formal Shoes ca Es r to la International Brands Apparels Crosswords Mother Care Kurtas Men's Formals Trail room Jeans /Shoes .

2nd Floor .

Armstrong.  Enables immediate replenishment of stocks at any given outlet. and is called the JDA package.imported from the US-based company J. Retail-friendly supply network. D.  ERP package . connects its locations online all over India.  ERP package handles  Merchandise management  Warehouse management  Automated replenishment  Sales management .

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