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Accounting as a Subject
• Most practical of the senior cycle business
• A hard working student has a great
opportunity to achieve in this subject.
• Many possibilities to pursue accounting as a
career. All companies need an accountant.
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• Qualifications can be carried worldwide.

• The results are usually quite high compared
to other subjects.
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CAO Points Scheme

Grade Higher Grade Ordinary

H1 100
H2 88
H3 77
H4 66
H5 56 O1 56
H6 46 O2 46
H7 37 O3 37
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H8 0 O4 28
O5 20
O6 20
O7 0
O8 0

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Accounting 2016
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• While the Junior Certificate Business
Studies Course provides a foundation for
Accounting, it is not essential and it is
possible to take it up at senior cycle.
• The Accounting course is numerically based
but theory and procedures are also
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• The course offers a hard working student a
real possibility of high grades.

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• It is concerned with the preparation,
recording, extraction, presentation and
analysis of financial information for the
purpose of making economic decisions.
• There are two main strands financial &
management accounting.
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• Financial Statements preparation
• Club Accounts
• Company Accounts
• Manufacturing Accounts
• Break-even Analysis
• Accounting Theory and Principles
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• Farm Accounts
• Interpretation of financial statements
• Costing
• Budgeting
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Accounting subject is examined at both
Higher and Ordinary level. Both involve one
three hour exam. The exam paper is made up
of three sections:
Sections 1 & 2 – Financial Accounting
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Section 3 – Management Accounting.

Questions must be answered from all sections
of the exam paper.

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Accounting is a dynamic and challenging
career that can take you to the height of
your abilities. Accountancy is a recognised
qualification that can be used abroad.

Accountants can work in a wide variety of

finance roles for many types of
organisations, including manufacturing
companies, local and central government,
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the health service, banks and insurance

companies, actuarial science, marketing and
private accountancy firms. It would also be
an important subject choice for those
thinking of starting their own business.

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The Truth – and the myths!!
• You do not have to have done Junior Certificate
Business to study Accounting.
• You do not have to be good at Maths to do
• The Leaving Certificate paper is very very
• Accounting is the business subject I recommend to
compliment other “heavier” subjects.
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• The way to study Accounting is to continually

practice so although you do not have to be good at
Maths, if you like processes and numbers, you will
enjoy Accounting.

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•Choose Accounting
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