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Asignatura: Ingles II

Bianculli, Germán
Giménez, Federico
Pastorelli, Lisandro

sunflower and soya raw materials most used for this purpose.which is the Biodiesel?  Biodiesel is a liquid produced from vegetable oils and animal fats. . where rapeseed.

Processes for obtaining biodiesel Catalyst: .



produced by petroleum fuels.  Because of its higher octane  Completely deforested and lubrication reduces wear on the famous Tanjung the injection pump and nozzles. eliminate combustion gases. engines. . Puting National Park in  No sulfur compounds so as not Kalimantan.  Biodiesel saves between 25% deforestation in Malaysia to 80% of CO2 emissions until 2000.  It is degradable.  Biodiesel is also used as an  Have a lower energy alternative to oil for two-stroke capacity.Advantage: Disadvanatges:  Reduces significantly the main  The exploitation of oil emissions from vehicles  Production of biodiesel is an palm plantations (used alternative in land use that for biodiesel) was prevents the phenomena of responsible for 87% of erosion and desertification. about 3% less.