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A Major Project on “Real Time Vehicle Tracking System” Presented by: Batch A-6 INTERNAL GUIDE Mr. MANASA (14M61A0436) M. MALLIKARJUN. SAI BHUSHAN (14M61A0452) Assistant Professor M.Tech T. M. DEENA SUSMITHA (14M61A0429) . PRAVALLIKA (14M61A0431) M. N.

 The system will provide users with the capability to track vehicle remotely through the mobile network.  GSM and GPS is undertaken with the aim of enabling users to locate their vehicles with ease and in a convenient manner. public transportation systems and others.ABSTRACT  The ability to track vehicles is useful in many applications including security of personal vehicles. .

.  Modern Tracking systems commonly use GPS for locating the vehicles.INTRODUCTION  Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) is the technology used to determine the location of a vehicle using different methods like GPS and Radio navigation systems.  Vehicle information can also be viewed on the electronic maps via internet (Google Maps).

It was restricted by the distance which became a hurdle in accuracy and connectivity problems.  It is dependent only on the Man-Power.EXISTING METHOD  In the Initial period of tracking only two radios were used to exchange the information.  This technology has a lot of limitations. .

.  Here.  An Android based Application is developed to display the information to the end user. GPS acts as Receiver as it receives the data.  Transmission of vehicles location & other information to Receiver (Mobile).PROPOSED METHOD  The Proposed system costs less with increased efficiency and it reduced man- power. GSM transmits and receives the data via SMS.

BLOCK DIAGRAM GSM Helical Module Antenna Antenna GPS Micro Controller Power Supply .

7V 500mah)  Power Supply .HARDWARE COMPONENTS  ATmega 64A (Micro Controller)  GPS Module  GSM Module  USB Port  Max 232 IC  Battery (3.

7  PROGISP (In-System-Programming) .SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT  AVR Studio 4 (For Windows XP.10)  Proteus 7. 7)  AVR Studio 6 (For Windows 8.