What is an Editorial? 

An editorial is a commentary Contains opinions Informs, influences, and entertains The official stand of the paper

Characteristics of a Good Editorial 

A good editorial must have clearness of style It must have a moral purpose Sound reasoning Power to influence public opinion Must lead reasonably to an ending SHOULD PRESENT ONLY ONE CENTRAL IDEA Does not use too much words to describe Not just plain opinion

Beginning the Editorial 

Editorial introductions are usually short It may start with: 

A simple statement that gives enough of the issue that will be discussed A question that gives an idea on the problem A statement that stirs the imagination of the reader A quotation related to the subject Narrative introducing the situation

Types of Editorials 

Editors could inform, criticize, commend, argue, or entertain readers through the different types of editorials: 

Editorial of Information Editorial of Interpretation Editorial of Criticism Editorial of Commendation Editorial of Argumentation Editorial of Entertainment Mood Editorial

How to Write an Editorial   

Choose only ONE specific idea to expand on Topic must be of interest to the readers Organize your editorial into three parts: 

Introduction (contains the ³newspeg´) Body Ending (also known as the ³clincher´)

How to Write an Editorial 

The following are examples of editorials¶ introductions composed of the NEWSPEG and the REACTION:   

The new office party of requiring tardy students to study their lessons in the library while they wait for the next period is both timely and wise It is a source of great pride and inspiration for our school to come out second in the NCEE, region-wide. regionSchool newspapers can really and effectively help transform society.

Checking Your Editorial 

After finishing your editorial, ask yourself some questions that would help you polish up your article, such as:
Were you able to accomplish your purpose?  Are the sentences and paragraphs relatively short?  Is it original and was it written skillfully? 

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