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Future of Hybrid Vehicles

in the Philippines.
What is a Hybrid Vehicle?

A hybrid vehicle uses two or more distinct

types of power, such as internal combustion
engine to drive an electric generator that
powers an electric motor, e.g. in diesel-
electric trains using diesel engines to drive an
electric generator that powers an electric
motor, and submarines that use diesels when
surfaced and batteries when submerged.
Other means to store energy include
pressurized fluid in hydraulic hybrids.
Are Hybrid Cars being Good or
 In general, hybrid cars emit lower levels of
greenhouse gases than conventional cars,
according to the DOE, because the
electric motor offsets how much the
internal combustion engine is used. While
operating in electric-only mode, hybrids
produce no emissions at all.
Bullet Train

 Construction of 9.1 trillion euros high-speed

“Bullet Train” to the Philippines will be funded by
European leaders.
 The entire construction of the railway line system
including the bullet train will be financed by the
European Financial Intermediary, this is
according to Retired Colonel Rodrigo Bonifacio.
Bullet Train
BEMAC Electric Trike
 BEMAC are one of the leading e-
trike providers in the Philippines.
While their parent company is
Japanese, they’re actually
manufacturing their tricycles
inside the Philippines which is
really the best of both worlds.
They’re creating local jobs inside
the PH and using the advanced
technology of the Japanese.
BEMAC 68VM Specs
 The BEMAC 68VM is an LTO-compliant electric trike which can carry
one driver and 6 passengers. Although there’s physically enough
space for 8 people, overloading the vehicle will lead to quicker
wear and tear of the mechanical parts.
 This e-trike has a charge time of just 4 hours and a range of 60KM
with a top speed of 50KPH. That range is based on a constant 20KPH
speed which I think is appropriate considering the start and stop
nature of trikes and the traffic conditions of the Philippines.

• the BECMAC 68VM sells for around 470,000 PHP

 COMET is powered by an electric battery, a radical

difference from the jeepney’s diesel-powered
 The battery in particular, is made from lithium iron
phospate, the same battery that powers most of
today’s technology, such as your Android phone.
 The actual price of each COMET vehicle is P800,000.
GET’s business model is that a person can buy one
of these vehicles for P250,000, with the remaining
balance being repaid within a 10-year period.