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Jared Evelhoch
Arizona State University
EDT 180
What We Are Learning Today:

◦History of Reddit ◦ How it fits in today’s social

◦Purpose of Reddit
◦ Why might we care/adopt
◦Popular Features Reddit
◦Intended Audience ◦ Uses of Reddit

Common Terminology:
◦ Redditors- Users of Reddit
◦ Subreddit- A forum dedicated to a specific topic often prefaced with /r/
◦ Upvote/Downvote- Users can vote up or down on comments and posts
◦ Karma- A total number of upvotes and downvotes a post or user has
◦ Mods- Moderators of Reddit who control submissions and overall content

History of Reddit:
◦ Founded by: Steve Huffman & Alexis Ohanian (2005)
◦ Received $100k from Y Combinator (2005)
◦ Purchased by Conde Nast (2006)
◦ First 500,000 daily unique viewers (2006)
◦ First Billion page views a month (2011)

Purpose of Reddit:
◦ Reddit is a “social news aggregation website”
◦ “collecting multiple social network services” into one unified presentation” (Wikipedia, 2018)
◦ Posts are organized into user created & run boards called “Subreddits”
◦ Reddit has hundreds of uses including but not limited to:
◦ Science, News, Sports, Comedy, Research, Discussions

Reddit Demographic:
• Intended Audience
• Reddit is intended for everyone with unique subreddits
• Actual Audience
• Most popular demographic is males between the ages of 18-29 (

Age Group % of US Population % of Reddit Users

18-29 22% 58%
30-49 34% 33%
50-64 25% 7%
65+ 19% 1%

Reddit Demographic: (cont.)
Gender: Gender

• Male: 63.1%
• Female: 33.3%
• Other: 3.6%

Male Female Other

Popular Features:
◦ Subreddits
◦ Subreddits are user-run pages where a collection of similar natured posts are grouped (ex. /r/science)
◦ /r/AMA
◦ AMA (Ask Me Anything) where Redditors can ask anything to the host of the thread, where they can answer questions
◦ Information Aggregator
◦ Redditors can post links and images from other websites
◦ User Controlled Information
◦ While there is a Code of Conduct, information is monitored by Moderators who are users themselves, not employed of Reddit

How To Submit a Post/Comment:
Click on Fill Out the
Control and
[Submit a New Different Text
Edit Your Post
Link/Text Post] Boxes

Fill Out
Click on a Click on the
Thread Save Button
Below Post

Reddit’s Fit & Why You Should Use It:
How Reddit Fits Today’s Social Media Why You Should Use Reddit
◦ /r/AMA ◦ Generally the first stop of most ground-breaking
◦ Provides unique and insightful interviews news
◦ “Front Page of the Internet” ◦ Unique Subreddits for every topic
◦ Majority of viral topics on the internet start on ◦ Heavily involved moderators keep forums on
Reddit topic
◦ Openness ◦ 1.66 Billion Redditors from Apr. 2017-Dec. 2017
◦ Anyone and everyone can make accounts ◦ (

◦ Incredibly Active Community

Why I Use Reddit:
◦ Interests
◦ I use multiple subreddits to talk with other Redditors with similar interests (ex. Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter,
◦ Open Forum
◦ All threads can be commented on by multiple Redditors with different beliefs
◦ Groundbreaking News
◦ Generally speaking, Reddit is at the forefront of all news and topics
◦ Almost Fully Funded by Users
◦ By getting funded by users who opt to donate, Reddit does not flood pages with ads

Thank You For Your Time
Contact Information:
Jared Evelhoch
Arizona State University

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